West meets with Afghan leaders, traders in UAE



The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, met with Afghan leaders and members of the Afghan business community during a recent visit to the United Arab Emirates.

Referring to his meeting with Afghan businesspeople, West said he discussed “continuing challenges as well as progress achieved for bankers, construction interests, entrepreneurs, airlines, and more.”

“Banking transactions remain a challenge that requires improvements in the Taliban’s financial and monetary policies and personnel. Must continue to discuss for benefit of the Afghan people. Some banks have improved access,” West said on Twitter.

The US envoy said that he also held talks with some Afghan political leaders, including former Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

“I met with Afghan political leaders including Hamid Karzai and several colleagues. Heard them echo plea of Afghan people for Taliban to respect rights of women and girls and initiate a national dialogue on future of the country,” West said.

He also held talks with UAE officials.

“In Abu Dhabi today, met with UAE government colleagues to discuss shared interests in Afghanistan, including protection of Afghans’ fundamental rights, economic stabilization, guarding against re-emergence of terrorist threats, and robust humanitarian response,” West said.—Tolonews