M Nadim asks students to use social media to fight Western propaganda


Nada Mohammad Nadim, the Minister of Higher Education of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), said in a meeting with students of public and private educational institutions in the eastern zone of the country, they must use social media in the fight against the propaganda war run by the West and “not let them achieve their evil goals”.

During his trip to Nangarhar province, Nadim called on the students to unite and asked them to serve their people and country through their future professions.

Addressing the students, he said that “the future of the country and freeing it from economic dependence on others is your responsibility, and to fulfill this responsibility, make more efforts in acquiring science and knowledge.”

Also, the minister of higher education pointed out the intellectual warfare of the West and asked them to work for the strengthening of their system and not to fall prey to the conspiracies of foreigners.

He has also assured students and professors of the country that the ministry will try to solve the problems and create a better educational environment by using what facilities they have available.—Ariana news