Ways to take carbon emissions off the road

ways to take carbon emissions off the road

As the world moves towards achieving net-zero carbon emission to ward off climate disasters, individuals have become more conscious of their impact on the environment than before.

A great source of carbon emissions is transportation. This does not seem to be very significant, but it contributes a significant amount to the total carbon emission.

Therefore, we must evaluate our transportation options. Starting from the basic seems a reasonable approach.

So, what is the best and most eco-friendly option of transportation?

According to data from the UK Government’s methodology paper for greenhouse gas reporting, taking a train, or preferring public transport in general, could reduce carbon emission by 84%.

ways to take carbon emissions off the road

Contrary to that, taking flights for a short travel or driving alone are the most intensive carbon-emission sources. Instead of driving alone, travelling with someone will greatly reduce the carbon emission to half.

Apart from that, switching to electric vehicles, or cycling, walking and running to travel from one place to another are the lowest emitters of carbon.

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