Water supply project inaugurated at Ghora Gali

Staff Reporter

President of Al-Khidmat Foundation Islamabad Hamid Athar Malik has said that the objective of Al-Khidmat Clean Water Program is to make it possible to provide clean drinking water to every special and general person across the country.

The purpose of these projects of Al-Khidmat Foundation is to establish a healthy society through clean water.

In collaboration with Al-Khidmat Foundation Islamabad, a water supply project was inaugurated at Ghora Gali Murree. More than 200 families will benefit from the water supply project.

Will Al-Khidmat Foundation’s clean water program is benefiting 30,17,800 people annually at a cost of Rs 194 million.

Under the service, 7,607 community hand pumps, 140 water filtration plants, 2,012 water wells, 79 gravity flow schemes in 2020 1,103 submersible pumps and solar submersible pumps were installed.

Under Al-Khidmat Foundation Islamabad, clean water is being provided to 2.4 million people on a daily basis. The people of the area thanked Al-Khidmat Foundation for this water project.