Water shortage threatens Kabul City



The Ministry of Energy and Water said that Kabul city is facing a water shortage crisis and the level of groundwater has dropped to three and a half meters this year.

Officials of the ministry asked the private sector and aid agencies to help the ministry in this regard.

“Due to budget problems, we could not start the Lalandar water saving project,” said Azizurahman Aziz, head of the ground water department of the ministry.

Meanwhile, some residents of Kabul province complained about the shortage of water in Kabul, and called on officials to address the problem.

“I come here three times a day to get water, a lot of people are coming here,” said Ahmad, a resident of Kabul.

Some residents of the Khairkhana area of Kabul said that their wells have dried up and they have to buy the water they need.

“400 hundred houses are getting water from the same place, it is too challenging to get water from here, our houses are far away from here,” Samir, another resident of Khairkhana, told TOLOnews.

Water sellers in Kabul said that compared to previous years, most of Kabul residents are buying water.

“We are selling a lot of water this year, the level of water is getting low compared to previous years,” Mirwais, a water seller told TOLOnews.

The Ministry of Energy and Water stated that the increase in population, high consumption of underground water, and climate change are among the reasons that have made Kabul city face lower water levels now than ever before.

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