Residents given 10 days to leave ‘Govt land’ in PD 17: Kabul municipality


The residents of PD 17 of Kabul city, who according to the Kabul municipality built houses on government land, have been given 10 days to evacuate their residences, officials said.

According to the Kabul Municipality, the residences which are located alongside the Sarai-Shamali and Kotal-e-Khairkhana streets must be destroyed to pave the ground for work on the streets.

“The law is obvious. We will assess the houses and the rights of no one will be violated. The compensation will be paid,” said Niamatullah Barakzai, a spokesman for the Kabul municipality.

Meanwhile, the residents said that they are struggling with severe economic conditions and they lack accommodations.

“The people don’t have bread now. There is no work. This is our shelter,” said Mullah Khan, a resident.

The residents said that they are unable to afford new houses.

“I am jobless, and my sons are jobless as well. If I move from here I must live on the street,” said a resident.

Earlier, the Kabul Municipality said that it will seize back all governmental lands which were illegally grabbed.

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