Wasim Akram embarrassed after British High Commissioner collects garbage

Wasim Akram

After British High Commissioner Dr. Christian Turner posted photos of himself collecting garbage in Islamabad, Wasim Akram voiced his embarrassment and disgust.

Wasim Akram also thanked Dr. Turner “for doing this almost every week.”

Dr. Turner had earlier posted a photo of himself carrying two bags of garbage picked during a morning stroll in Islamabad’s Margalla Hills.

Turner said, “Another Friday morning stroll, another two bags of litter.” “Safaai nisf imaan hai (cleanliness is half of the faith),”

Dr. Turner also tagged Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Hamza Shafqaat, who thanked him and said, “Great.”

Netizens, on the other hand, took issue with the DC’s remarks, accusing him of being careless with his job.

Shafqaat later explained his remark, claiming that his meaning had been misinterpreted.

“This comment is grossly misunderstood. I was just appreciating the efforts of Dr. Christian to keep Islamabad clean,” said Hamza, adding: “I would request everyone to not litter in forests. It is everyone’s responsibility to keep their surroundings clean.”

He later added that sanitation crews had collected 1600 tonnes of trash on Friday.

“Everyone please remember that cleanliness is a two-way street and every one of us is responsible for it and not just the British High Commissioner,” urged Shafqaat.

Meanwhile, Dr. Turner advised citizens of the federal capital to keep Islamabad safe by not littering inaccessible and green areas last week.

“Meals are for sharing not littering,” Dr. Turner had said, sharing a picture of two plastic bags stuffed with empty water bottles, tin cans, and other waste material.

He had said, “Please help keep beautiful Islamabad clean.”

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