War ignited by India will be brought to logical conclusion by Kashmiris


Mubashir Naqvi

The AJK President, Sardar Masood Khan has said that the war which, India has ignited will be brought to its logical conclusion by the Kashmiri people. ‘The valiant Kashmiri people are certainly alone at this critical juncture, but they have not lost their courage and morale rather the latest Indian moves have boosted their morale,’ he added.Addressing flag hoisting ceremony on the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan here on Wednesday, he said that the latest Indian aggression had given a new impetus to the struggle of Kashmiri people and they were determined to defeat India’s fascism and fanaticism.
He appealed to the civil society of India to rise up against Narendra Modi as he is poised to spread fascism and dictatorship after disintegration of Jammu and Kashmir state.
The AJK president advised the Indian prime minister to learn a lesson from those who had predicted that Pakistan would not survive for more than three months after its independence.
‘Pakistan not only exists on the global map for the last 72 years but Insha-Allah it would exist till the Day of Judgment,’ he added.
Sardar Masood Khan said that Pakistan and Kashmir were interlinked and intertwined, and Pakistan would remain incomplete till Kashmir becomes its part because Kashmir has no identity without Pakistan.
‘The revocation of Articles 370 and 35-A and deployment of 180,000 troops in addition to 700,000 troops already occupying the territory, is actually an assault on the existence and security of Pakistan,’ he added.
He said that India through media blackout had cut the whole of occupied Kashmir from the outer world that is why, the international community is ignorant about the massacre and carnage currently being carried out by Indian troops in the occupied territory.
‘Modi had played a well designed trick to turn Kashmir into an Indian colony and to change its demography,’ he said adding that if India’s plan of depriving the Kashmiri people of jobs and education succeeds and they become homeless in their own motherland, this would culminate in a new and long period of slavery for the Kashmiri people.
The AJK president said that complete unity and cohesions in the rank and file of the Kashmiri people were needed to foil India’s dangerous plan and designs, and we will have to adopt a policy which proves result oriented, and the massacre of Kashmiri people ceases.
While touching upon the latest situation of occupied Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan lamented that constant curfew had created a humane crisis, burial of massacred people and shifting of injured to the hospitals is not being permitted while foodstuffs and live saving drugs have exhausted. Therefore, the international community should immediately intervene and like Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Sudan, open a human corridor so that food items and life saving drugs could be provided to the people of occupied Kashmir on emergency basis.
He said that time for speeches and resolutions had gone, and now is the time for taking practical steps. ‘India has been cheating Pakistan and the Kashmiri people under the label of talks for the last seven decades, and it has also deceived those who had been protecting Indian interests while living among the Kashmiri people,’ he said and added that the revocation of article 370 had opened eyes of these people and the real face of India stands exposed to them.
The AJK president said that the Kashmiri people would have to build capacity to themselves plead their case on the international level with the help of Kashmiri community settled abroad as well as media.

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