Indian troops fail



Railways Minister Shaikh Rasheed Ahmed has said that India has removed Article 370 of its constitution as Indian military was failed to establish its control over Kashmir. Shaikh Rasheed in his message on the Solidarity Day with Kashmir, said that the people of occupied Kashmir are deprived of water, food and medicines for last 10 days. ‘It is our responsibility to stand with the people of Kashmir,’ he said. He said ‘ We have to give a message to the people of Occupied Kashmir that everyone in Pakistan is standing by their side’. Indian Prime Minsiter Modi is a supporter of Hitler and Nazism, he further said. Indians think that ‘Our economy is fragile so we could not afford war. Vietnam had also a weak economy still they fought at every piece of land in their country’, Rasheed said. ‘We have to prove our solidarity with Kashmir,’ he added.— INP

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