Want to eradicate outdated traditions from LG Institutions: Najam Shah



Secretary Local Government Housing and Town Planning Sindh Syed Najam Ahmad Shah has said that his mission is to eradicate bogus and outdated traditions from all institutions affiliated to Sindh Local Government Department.

In any case, the culture of nepotism and corruption will not be allowed to flourish.

He said this on Thursday while referring to the revolutionary changes taking place in the Sindh Building Control Authority.

Najam Ahmad Shah said that behind the recent developments in SBCA is actually a mission of public benefit and welfare, which aims to transfer powers to the grass root level and use them effectively.

The creation of new posts in the Sindh Building Control Authority and the appointment of officers up to the level of Union Council is a clear indication that the Government of Sindh wants to promote convenience and dedication to the people as well as to promote transparency and honesty.

The Secretary said that all the local government administration is active and committed to solve the problems of the people of the province.

According to him, Sindh Province has always strived to start legendary initiatives either it was digitising of all the LG records, Process of scientifically based birth registration record accuracy, or the method of sterilisation of stray dogs as per international standards, government of Sindh has proved its effectiveness and efficiency.

Najam Shah said that every step has been taken for the welfare of people and the endeavours of the Sindh government have been applauded and appreciated globally.

The Secretary LG vowed that all the LG institutions of Sindh province would be brought up to international standards gradually and the mission of providing safe and peaceful environment to the people of the province will be accomplished successfully.