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Develop Peshawar

The Chief Minister of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa recently chaired a meeting for the development of Peshawar with PDA.

Although in the meeting they agreed on completing most of the pending and incomplete projects of the previous governments, but I was expecting some amazing new developments for the city.

Peshawar is not only the provincial capital of the new bigger KP province. It is also the only city of KP with an international airport and rail connection. It is the main distribution point for the entire province.

It is the centre for healthcare, education and government offices for the entire province. While the city is also the main entry point for Afghan visitors coming to Pakistan for treatment and shopping.

Therefore, I think Peshawar needs some new development works that would help it grow. Firstly the city needs to be allowed to expand into Khyber and Bara, in non-agriculture areas through proper legislation that would cover the division of areas and government responsibilities.

Secondly, Peshawar needs a new international standard airport and the current airport converted into a large park with crisscrossing expressways, that will help reduce travel time and traffic in city.

Thirdly, the city needs commercial zones for development of offices, as currently even government offices are operating from rented houses.

Fourthly, the city needs zones for development of hotels, entertainment, sports and health facilities to help increase tourism and revenue. Using drones and satellite images the KP Government can quickly find areas to develop into selected zones.

The government then needs to provide roads, electricity and water connections to the areas. This will help turn Peshawar into Pakistan’s Northern Power House.
Breaking stereotypes

We’re living in a society accustomed to a set of values and norms that have been passed on to us generation after generation and are embossed in us from childhood. We tend to live by those customs and our everyday life gets very much influenced by it.

As I would like to call it, we’re living in a bubble made up of stereotypes. This mindset is adopted by us to function in this society without the fingers being pointed.

It’s 2021 but still we experience a patriarchal system in our homes, still our family prioritizes the customs of society over the longings of their children in the fear of being an outcast.

It’s 2021 but still we consider mental health issues a pity one and brush it under the carpet.

Taking it all back to the beginning, a boy is snubbed when seen crying, given the justification that real men don’t cry, our society has dispensed the duties that women are meant for crying and suffering and men is the stone hearted persona who is meant to earn and pay bills.

Why it is a necessity that one of the two has to be the submissive one, women’s subordinate status in Pakistan is also an evident practice of living in a stereotypical bubble. Respect is the right of every one irrespective of his gender and age.

Every gender should respect the other and every age group should be respected likewise.

Changing our mindset can lead us to become a better society which would make us prevail as a nation and inevitably our country will thrive. What’s inside us is surely what we execute.

Deadly roads

It is for the information of the general public that Chighi is a place in Balochistan which is the most unfortunate province of Pakistan.

Due to single highways and narrow roads, vehicular accidents happen on a daily basis over here and people are dying more in these accidents than natural disasters.

Despite heavy traffic and frequent deadly accidents, the authorities concerned are not paying any attention toward this issue. Their pathetic behaviour is not understandable.

The other day, eight people belonging to the same family, had lost their life in a road accident in Nushki.

The government is busy in constructing motorways/highways in other parts of the country but Balochistan is neglected.

I humbly request the federal government to take a serious step toward this issue and save the life of individuals.