Wahab condemns Centre for disallowing Sindh to buy Covid vaccine


Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Spokesperson of the Sindh Government, and Adviser to CM Sind on Law, Environment, Climate Change, and Coastal Development, feared that the issue of purchase of Corona vaccine in Sindh is also going to be politicized.


He said that the reply to the letter sent to the Prime Minister has come, but with the excuse to leave the matter to the federation. He added that the reply sent by the federation said that if you insist, the federation can give permission.


Wahab asked that where did the $150 million approved by the federal cabinet for the purchase of vaccines go?  He was addressing a news conference in Sindh Assembly Committee Room on Monday. He said that on January 21, the Chief Minister had told the Prime Minister in the letter that the Chinese authorities have imposed the condition of NOC of the federation for the sale of covid19 vaccine to the Sindh government. The reply to the letter has come today, which is beyond comprehension. Barrister Murtaza Wahab, Spokesperson of the Sindh Government said that the federation has so far done nothing to purchase the vaccine. 500,000 doses have been donated by China, while the 1.7 million vaccines that Asad Umar tweeted will also be donated from the Covid Fund set up under the World Health Organization.


“I am thankful to the UK that it is helping us but the government of Pakistan is not ashamed it is not a federal government but a cartoon network. It sometimes speaks against our chairman and sometimes against our ministers.”


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