Wahab assails PTI over doing politics on rain in Karachi


Spokesman of Sindh government and CM’s Adviser on Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the rains in Karachi have made the opposition try their best to brighten up their political shop. However, no court notice was taken and the federal government did not offer its services for rain-related problems in Lahore.
He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Media Corner of Sindh Assembly Building here on Friday. Wahab said that when it rains in Karachi, we are criticized and blamed even though all the ministers, including our Chief Minister, are present in the field. Prime Minister Niazi asks NDM chief to go and rectify the situation in Karachi but the Chairman NDMA goes back and states that no water was seen in Karachi.
He said that rains had wreaked havoc in Lahore and water had flooded hospitals and houses in Lahore but neither Wasim Akram-Plus Buzdar was seen nor the Prime Minister took notice. If you are worried about Karachi, just say something about Lahore. No one says Lahore was destroyed, their ministers and leaders disappeared without knowing where.
Apart from human beings, they also drowned animals and donkeys in rain water. He said that Khan Sahib had promised one not two Pakistans, then why this double standard? He said that PTI has proved by its actions that there are not one but two Pakistans, one is for mafia and the other is for the poor. Federal agencies should also intervene in Lahore. He added that political issues should be resolved politically.

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