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Political grace and sagacity

It is vital for a country created through a constitutional political struggle that democracy must flourish in Pakistan.

Our politicians must show grace and magnanimity in victory and defeat at the polls, by submitting to the will of the people.

It is the will of people that must prevail and not egoistic pursuits of individuals, nor the cult-like blind attachment of their followers.

The political bickering has increased recently to a dangerous level, creating dissension within Pakistan and amongst the expatriate community to an extent that is dangerous.

Unlike the united Indian expatriate community, who can neither vote in India, nor are allowed dual nationality, Pakistanis are divided along party lines and hence cannot serve as lobbyists for Pakistan in the countries where they live.

The recent incident where members of Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America were rude to the sitting Federal Minister for Planning and Development was very unbecoming of educated professionals.

In a democracy, individual citizens must not be permanently wedded to a particular political party, but must vote on the merits and credentials of candidates.

We must judge them on their performances whilst in power and not on their rhetoric and slogan-mongering, especially those who exploit religion.

After the dramatic results of recent polls in which PTI regained 15 of their 20 seats, the PML-N showed rare grace by accepting the results of polls.

Unfortunately, the outrageous comments of men like Sheikh Rasheed who have been part of every dictatorial regime, starting from Zia onwards, only reveals the lack of democratic tolerance and sagacity, which is very important in a democracy.

This was reflected in the rapid fall of Pak-Rupee.

After the polls have ended, the bitterness must fade away and the party that wins must take the lead.


Dubai UAE

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

and lambs

To meet the ever increasing food demand of the population, optimum growth and development of ruminants is imperative.

In Pakistan, 32 million sheep serve as an important source of nutrition and much emphasis is given to improve its digestibility and growth performance.

Feed supplementations, especially Saccharomyces cerevisiae, are frequently employed in livestock to increase productivity and are considered suitable growth promoters over antibiotics to prevent development of antimicrobial resistance in consumers.

In Pakistan, most of feed additives including S cerevisiae are imported from technologically advanced countries.

However, due to recent scenario of COVID-19 pandemic and consequently constraints of shipment, the reliance of livestock industry on import items has become a point of concern for farmers and stakeholders.

The positive impact of yeast supplementation in ruminants has been well documented but the effectiveness of indigenously produced live yeast is not well researched.

Therefore, the objective of this study was to compare effect of local strain of S.

cerevisiae on anthropometric parameters, serum biomarkers, ruminal fermentation parameters, and tissue histomorphometry with that of commercial yeast in lambs.

For this purpose, 30 lambs were divided into; C (Control; starter diet with no supplement), CY (started diet supplemented with 1gm/animal/day commercial yeast), and LY (starter diet supplemented 1gm/animal/day local yeast).

Dry matter intake (DMI) and body weights were calculated periodically.

Blood samples were analyzed for Blood urea nitrogen (BUN), glucose, and fatty acid profiles, while ruminal fluid and tissues were collected for rumen fermentation parameters, histology and electrophysiology.

Results revealed that DMI and weight gain were higher (P<0.

05) in CY and LY compared to C treatment.

Biochemical parameters and tissue histomorphometry did not differ (P>0.

05) between LY and CY supplementation while electrophysiological parameters did differ supplemented animals.

In conclusion, this study suggests that supplementation of LY produced comparable results with CY.



Empowering women

Statesman approaches, goodwill and governance bring changes to better life, health and future.

Future building can never take off without role of women.

If we see Bangladesh’s economy as it’s on rise and they have left us far behind in this race.

Its major production lies with domestic industries run by women.

Hundreds of women are employed in garment factories where they weave and sew cloths to enrich their gross domestic products, this is what we call a true women empowerment.

Where women are living with their heads up with this pride that they are playing their part in bringing major portion of foreign exchange to their motherland.

How powerful the Bangla ladies have been!

On the contrary, if we see our country, our Government has initiated Ehsas & income support program for our women.

They stand in queues to collect money and if you see their condition you would break down into tears.

We have badly affected their self-esteem.

We have demolished their hidden and apparent qualities.

Our women are with golden hands that they can do wonders with.

Our handicraft and other domestic products are destroyed and our women are kept on the pavement of begging.

Development of any country lies on its home products which can be exported to bring huge amount of remittances.

Our government should learn from the world, especially Bangladesh, that how to empower women in a right way.

If our government wants to empower women, it should boost the domestic industries, exhibit handicraft art, women of rural areas and other marginalized portion of society may be given ample and adequate facilities that they can showcase their handicraft in a more promising manner.

Government must review women vocational training programs to be initiated to inculcate more skills in women.

The country will never grow stronger when you keep your women on begging streets.

Empower them!


Agra, Sindh

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