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Learning history

Learning history of the world, the history of heroes who lived in the past and history of the people who failed and never gave up can be leisure and also passion-building. Because, history makes us speculate of leaders and legendaries who lived in the past like Abraham Lincoln who went through the worst situation before coming to be the President of America, Martin Luther King Jr., whose speech seizes the highest record ever and Albert Einstein without whose laws the whole science is preliminary.

It simply means that more we learn history, more we accumulate and reap educated and knowledgeable. There is no denying that when we learn history of victorious nations and know-how they confronted disappointments and tolls, we will be inspired and that is what makes try to become like or better.

Learning history should be indispensable because it tells us which is the right way to succeed by telling about the life of successful people like Thomas alwa Edison whose memoir tells us that giving up should not be a substitute as well as one can also learn that downfall or failure is not guilt but a lesson. Most importantly, in history, we not only learn about the past but we also learn to lead a better life.

Before concluding, I should put in that history is a mystery but nobody should fiddle with mysteries. I mean, the authorities should not give false information about history. The one who brings changes in history should be avenged and severally punished.


Malir, Karachi

Women empowerment

Quaid-i-Azam said in a speech in 1944, “No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you; we are victims of evil customs. It is a crime against humanity that our women are shut up within the four walls of the houses as prisoners.”

Pakistani women’s lives have changed in the last 30 years, and they are more empowered and emancipated than ever before. More and more women are entering the labor force today because their predecessors, who made their first time at work and also made life easier for other women, encouraged them to do so. However, women continue to face numerous challenges, including discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Women’s empowerment refers to the ability of women to transform economic and social development when they are given the opportunity to fully participate in decisions that affect their lives through leadership, training, coaching, consulting, and the provision of enabling tools for women to lead within their communities, religions, and countries.

Women’s empowerment generally consists of three components. First, consider women’s self-esteem. Second, they have the right to control their own lives, both inside and outside the home.

Finally, they must be able to influence the direction of social change in order to create a just social and economic order on a national, international, and global scale.

Economic, social, personal, and political empowerment all have multiple, interconnected, and interdependent dimensions. Economic empowerment refers to empowering women economically by granting them property rights. Land, financial obligations, adequate shares in jobs, business opportunities, and so on. In terms of social dimensions, it means that women’s social status should be equal to that of men, with no discrimination based on injustice or inequality.



Characterless society

Let’s come to remember Sophocles for exact reflection of life’s ongoing circumstances. Sophocles was a profound dramatist of 496 B.C. He is considered the greatest dramatist in the field of literature.

His famous work (Oedipus the king) reflects the situation of our current society in a way that in Act-1, a group of people, led by Priest, goes at the palace of king of Thebes named as Oedipus. The people and the priest tell the King that the entire city is in big trouble, death is touching them and the king should be a helping hand for them.

Their cattle farms, fields and plantation are at the brink of destruction. The plague and winged monster named sphinx has spread all over the city. Even, they are dying of starvation. Nothing is there to eat, even pieces of body.

Coming to the point that every character of our society is dead. In current times, every story is terrible and frightening; such as a poor man shouting loudly for selling something in the street but no one is hearing him. A father, selling toys outside the hospital and requesting every passerby for buying toys in order to buy medicines for his daughter who is admitted in the hospital.

Somebody is requesting for loan to buy shroud. Someone is upset for his house rent. Some children are looking helplessly to chocolates for eating outside shop. Shopkeepers are in wait for customers. Labours go back home without earning.



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