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Thar Coal

can be game changer

Coal is an important source of energy and it has 40% share in power generation worldwide. Hence, I would like to appreciate the government’s decision to generate electricity from local coal instead of imported coal. Currently, only 660MWs is being generated from Thar coal while government also plans to generate 3,960 MWs of electricity by converting imported coal plant into local coal. Therefore, this is a prudent decision considering the all-time high cost (up to $400 per metric ton) of imported coal and its pressure on our foreign exchange reserves.

According to official reports, about 18.9 million tons of coal was imported by Pakistan during the Financial Year 2021. The high cost of imported coal is the main reason why average per-unit cost of coal-based electricity has swelled to over Rs 18 per unit from Rs 4-5 per unit. Though bit late, our policy-makers have finally realized that reliance on imported coal has been proving damaging for the national economy and power generation.



Stop human rights abuses

It has disgraced the world that Zimbabwe’s request to be re-admitted to the Commonwealth is unlikely since in 2002, the Commonwealth suspended Zimbabwe, citing gross human rights violations, a collapse of rule of law and its shrinking democratic space.

The heartless current president, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been slow to implement political and electoral reforms, and his government has continued with gross human rights violations since taking over from Mugabe through a military coup in November 2017.

It still hurts everyday be created by God, corruption in Mnangagwa’s ruling party is spreading like cancer. This is clear that Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa failed to reforms the country since he came to power in 2017 after Robert Mugabe, who had led Zimbabwe for the 37 years since independence, was forced to stand down. The situation has deteriorated since he was elected, with the country’s economic crisis deepening. The only thing President Emmerson Mnangagwa can do is to kill opposition activists and detain them illegal detention. May the whole world remove him from the power same as he ousted the late Robert Mugabe.



Scarcity of water

“Water water everywhere but nor a drop to drink”, famous lines of famous poem (The Rime of Ancient mariner) by S.T Coleridge. These lines are comparable to current situation of Pakistan. Being a country full of water resources, it is facing shortage of water. Pakistan is well known for its Sindhu, the Indus river, but unfortunately, Pakistanis are facing water scarcity currently.

Many international research studies have predicted that Pakistan might run dry by 2025 as water scarcity is rising to distressing levels. If this scarcity continues, we will be at low position from many sides. Additionally, this scarcity exposes to certain diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever, and other water-borne illnesses.

Furthermore, many of the water systems that keep ecosystems thriving and feed a growing human population have become stressed. Along with, rivers and lakes the aquifers are also drying up. Earth is only prosperous because of water. All plants and species need water to survive. There can be no life without water. To cut short, we can change the situation of our country and our earth only by saving water, changing irrigation methods and by awareness.



Staking the students future

Pakistan is confronting severe energy crises, particularly electricity crisis, leading the country towards uncompensated glitches. The crisis is affecting the students badly. Needless to say, the months of June and July are considered the peak months in terms of education because exams of Secondary and Higher Secondary levels are being held in these months.

Hence this duration is considered critical for students. All a student needs is a peaceful and cooperative environment. It is a harsh fact that the persistent load shedding has put the students’ future at stake. It ultimately disrupts the pace and momentum of the students. Therefore, authorities must ponder over the situation which is leading the country’s valuable assets toward major disasters.



Eye cancer

Eye Cancer is a problem in Pakistan where a large number of the population is victims of the said disease. Approximately, 2,200 people have been diagnosed with this disease in Pakistan, 30 percent of which are children. Annually, the ratio surges to a great extent.

The lack of medical facilities for Eye Cancer patients further gives rise to more patients. However, the masses suffering from the dangerous disease don’t afford to do their treatment on their own as the price of medicines cum hospitalization is out of their reach.

The concerned authorities are requested to show interest in this massive issue which is likely to escalate further. The government needs to look into this matter on a priority basis.




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