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Ask not

what your country can

Pakistan today is at the crossroads facing an acute economic crisis, because of years of mismanagement, abuse of power and lavish lifestyles of those at helm of affairs.

What is required is for all of us, irrespective of political affiliations, whether they belong to civil and uniformed services, to realize the gravity of crisis and stop playing politics on economy and blaming each other? Inciting people’s emotions and threatening to launch public demonstrations will only further aggravate political uncertainty.

Loopholes that exist which allow scarce foreign exchange to shift to foreign bank accounts on one pretext or another must be plugged. All those who have held important public office are collectively responsible, relying on debts and indulging in massive abuse, amnesty schemes, inflicting losses on national exchequer because of their greed and conflicts of interest.

President JF Kennedy in his inaugural address stated “Ask not what your country can do for you – Ask what you can do for your country”. The large majority of citizens of Pakistan, with a few exceptions, have benefitted because of the vast opportunities offered to them when Pakistan was created on 14 August 1947.

Deserving citizens of Pakistan were employed in civil and uniformed services and in the judiciary. This country offered them subsidized quality education which enabled them to become scientists, doctors, engineers, economists, architects etc. They became top bureaucrats, generals, lawyers, sportsmen etc and earned international fame.

Each one of us has fared better than most of our parents who lived in British India. Under the British Raj, the large majority of Muslims lived in the walled city all over India. Today they all lead a prosperous life, living in houses spread over hundreds of sq yds. Unfortunately, those who have benefitted the most from opportunities offered, have not paid back their debts to Pakistan.




of economic stability

Despite constant pressure and threats by the European Union and USA, that are willing to target Russian oil “the main artery of Russia’s economy”, Russia earned almost $100bn (£82bn) in revenue from fossil fuel exports in the first 100 days of the country’s invasion of Ukraine, whilst, a fall in exports. Let me make you sure that Russia had won the second world war on the basis and power of his natural resources as well.

In this context, the case and scene are very different in our country. We have failed to make a comprehensive strategy to adequately utilize and generate revenue from our natural resources. Since the IMF and the World Bank dictated economic policies and foisted upon us, we are more vulnerable to produce our natural treasures on a large scale.

This dwindling sign is seriously alarming to our economy. The situation is pretty good in our neighbouring countries that China has continued to buy Iranian oil despite US sanctions on Tehran. The shipments are continuing without any fear and sanctions. If China can buy Iranian oil, why we can’t buy it on the cheapest rates.

I am sure just one big natural treasure as we have discovered in Thar i.e. Coal as a fossil fuel can get out our jeopardized economy from dangers. Other crops such as wheat, cotton and sugarcane are good economic indicators and can be exported largely to generate revenue.



Rash driving

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to invite the attention of the authorities and public to the problem of rash driving. Road accidents have been on the increase. The main cause is rash and reckless driving. Buses start a race to beat one another. The driver tries to overtake one another. Most of the roads and turnings in our country are narrow and risky. This results in horrible accidents. I suggest the following steps to check this tendency:

Police check-posts should be set up at small distances. Surprise raids should be made on the running buses. Licence of the drivers who are in the habit of rash driving should be cancelled at once. If the bus companies neglect the warnings, their route permits should be discontinued. The public should also cooperate with the Government and the passengers should ask the drivers not to exceed the speed limit. They should refuse to travel by the buses which do not follow traffic rules. This can do much if applied.



Children’s working condition

Have you often come across small children working in workshops or at small restaurants in order to make a living? What a pity condition is it to see such children working when they should actually be at school focusing on their studies? In fact, it is illegal in Pakistan to make a child below 14-year work for a living.

Lack of social security, hunger and poverty are the fundamental drivers of child labour. The expanding gap between the rich and poor, privatization of fundamental organizations and the neo-liberal monetary strategies are causes of significant areas of the population remaining out of business and without essential needs. This antagonistically influences kids more than some other age groups. A significant concern is that the real number of child workers goes un-distinguished. Laws that are intended to shield youngsters from unsafe work are ineffectual and not executed accurately.

Elimination of poverty, the abolition of child trafficking and compulsory and free education and training can help diminish the issue of child labour. Strict implementation of work laws is additionally a basic requirement with the end goal to counteract abuse by organizations. Amendments in the present child labour laws are required to actually take control of the situation. The base of the age of fourteen years should be expanded to something like eighteen. Then only we can put an end to the continuous harassment faced by our kids and help them have a bright future not only for themselves for the nation as a whole.



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