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World refugee crisis

The deepening world refugee crisis should be a cause for profound concern for the world community. The number of world refugees has doubled in the past ten years. The latest figures pertaining to world refugees revealed by Al Jazeera English, a renowned TV channel of Qatar, in its twitted vlog of June 20, are indeed mind-boggling.

What does the current world refugees’ situation reflect? It cogently reflects how vulnerable this extremely turbulent world has become to crises … crises thrust upon the least privileged and weaker countries of the world, one after another, by the immensely opulent and megalomaniac countries.

With hegemonic aspirations and vested interests of the powers that be growing precipitously, the possibility of any decline in the current world refugee crisis seems very bleak. It is more likely, that this crisis may deepen further as time passes. The growing world refugee crisis is taking a heavy toll particularly on the developing nations of the world. The developing countries have to bear the brunt of this crisis for no fault of theirs. These economically-challenged countries are finding it extremely difficult to manage the heavy influx of refugees due to lack of resources and their already immensely overburdened social infrastructure.

To be able to deal with the burgeoning refugee crisis effectively, the economically vulnerable countries, such as Pakistan and the like, not only need substantial financial support but also support in kind from the affluent countries of the world. The affluent countries should rise to the occasion, and expeditiously provide this much-needed assistance.



Tsunami of poverty

Poverty reduction is one of the most important sustainable development goals set by the UN in 2015. According to this goal, Pakistan must reduce its poverty level to half by 2030 from 24.3 percent to 12 percent. But unlike it, country is making it really hard for all classes and factions of society to survive. Such powerful waves of inflation will throw the people in the trench of Death Valley.

The rapid increase in fuel prices has paved the way for all other products to increase in their rates, breaking all previous records of all governments since the country came into being. There is no denying the fact that poverty breeds all kinds of crimes such as kidnapping, theft, robbery, street crime, blue crime, pink crime, white collar crime etc. The root cause of poverty is massive corruption, injustice, fragile economy, political instability, insincerity by stakeholders.

Honestly speaking, there is dearth of patriotism which is why general cause is sacrificed over personal gains. It seems as if democracy is hijacked by kleptocracy where every one is ready to plunder the nation. The current situation is really gloomy where no optimism is extant. No hope from any government. Only miracle might save us to avoid conditions like Sri Lanka.



Sports, a tool of bringing peace


Sport isn’t just about participating in physical activity. It is, in fact, about dedicating to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. It’s about enhancing social skills, strengthening their cultural values and learning to follow rules. Physical activities boost one’s physical and mental health while also instilling crucial values and social skills. Sport, on the other hand, does not just empower individuals; it also unites and inspires people collectively, resulting in formation of communities.

Sports is liked by all, regardless of age, gender or race. Its reach is unequalled. Sports, moreover, fosters universal ideals that cut across language and culture. We may use it as a tool to improve the planet’s and people’s well-being. We may teach teamwork, leadership, humility, persistence and determination through its values. However, we also use sport to bring attention to social issues by leveraging its influence and reach to bring attention to issues that affect society. More importantly, though, sports promote universal values that transcend language and culture.

To sum up, Sports’ future, as well as its role in promoting peace and cultural interchange, appears to be bright. Though the linkages between sports and politics have long existed, they appear to be strengthening in future as sports diplomacy becomes more widely regarded as a legitimate and potent tool for peace.

Countries like Australia, which has an official government policy on its sports diplomacy aims for the next four years, are leading the way in this respect. The opportunity exists for states to use these routes to promote peace and civility over conflict and divisiveness, from hosting mega-events to sporting exchange programs to sharing principles through sports. As an instrument, sports diplomacy is maturing.



Ban on

acid sale

The government needs to put a ban on the sale of acid to prevent the crime spreading at a faster pace. No doubt, it is hard to stop manufacturing of acid since it is a vital ingredient in several everyday use products. Throwing acid on someone is considered worse than murder. But unfortunately throwing acid is getting common in Pakistan. According to the Acid Survivors Trust International, 80% of acid attack victims are women.

Acid burns skin and completely damages, sometimes internally and not just the surface, whichever body part it is thrown at. Acid attack leaves scars on survivors’ skin which remains as a reminder of their agony for all of their life. Mostly women are attacked with acid on face which is all the more emotionally painful than physically because the man who attacks does so to destroy her most beautiful features. Hence, I request you to highlight this issue in your newspaper as its publication would be a great help if it might reach the relevant authorities, they might look into fixing the problem.