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Fight your own battles

The political crisis that culminated in the streets of Islamabad in the form of the long march last month looks to be a never-ending saga. Even though for now there appears to be an understanding that the government coalition and the PTI will be battling it out in the polls very soon due to by-elections, the bitterness between the two political factions still seems to be fought through the courts, or executive actions.

This is highly disappointing and reflects a lack of oversight and maturity by the government and opposition. Unnecessarily indulging in legal fight in courts , it is better to fight in “Awami Adalat”. This “Dungal” is also damaging the image of country’s legal system due to irresponsible criticism by political circles. Filing of cases in the ATC, against renowned political leaders is being considered mere a political vendetta. It is hoped that this course of action will be reversed in the larger interest of the country. Political stability is a key to economic progress as well.



Children’s health

I’d like to invite the attention of today’s moms to their children’s daily diet through the prestigious column of this Daily (Pakistan Observer). Since modern lifestyle has changed eating habits, behaviour and culture, it is terrible that the majority of children are exposed to a life of ease and convenience with pleasure being handed to them on a silver platter. These kids are still not living a healthy lifestyle. As a result, the majority of them have skin, dental and vision issues.

If we investigate the cause(s), we find that youngsters rush to fast food restaurants and consume unsanitary food. They are unwilling to learn about the benefits of hygiene. We are to blame for the pollution of our surrounds and environment. We are discarding waste outside our homes, inviting various ailments. Furthermore, today’s youngsters prefer watching television, play video games and surf the internet rather than to engage in outdoor activities. They also study in poor lighting while lying in bed. I would request the mothers to look into this matter seriously so that their siblings lead a healthy life.


Via email

Students are humans, not machines

Academic pressure is an experience in which students are overwhelmed by the efforts spent to meet high demands for achieving certain results such as CGPA, awards, scholarships and so forth. In recent times, it can be seen that academic pressure has increased massively in the form of excessive exams, assignments, projects and presentations. Furthermore, family’s and society’s high expectations add more to this pressure. This academic pressure leads a student towards stress, anxiety and depression which badly impact student’s performance and overall well-being. So as a result, most of the students give up or quit their studies. And also, due to academic pressure suicides have been attempted worldwide.

Therefore, education and its institutes must be the source of growth and a bright future rather than stress, anxiety and depression. And in this regard, parents and society must reduce their high expectations to the extent that students can easily live up to them. Besides, the government in collaboration with educational institutes should make and implement policies that reduce academic pressure and help students achieve their goals more easily, efficiently and effectively.


Khairpur, Sindh

Grappling the Islamophobia

The recent blasphemous remarks reflect growing Islamophobia under Modi regime. Needless to say, from legitimized destruction of Babri Masjid in India to the terrorist mass shooting at Christchurch mosque in New Zealand, Muslims are constantly being oppressed, targeted and subjugated worldwide. However, India’s hijab controversy cannot be seen in isolation. It is part and parcel of the anti-Muslim rhetoric that the chauvinist BJP government has been pushing since Narendra Modi took power.

Discriminatory citizenship laws, the lynching of Muslims on suspicions of consuming or transporting cow beef and ban on communal prayers are all part of this sinister anti-Muslim action that the BJP has been pushing. Islamophobia has emerged as the most threatened phenomenon in recent years. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the number of anti-Muslim hate crime incidents has increased to 257 yearly.

Thankfully, Muslims have a unanimous platform in the form of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). That is to say, the organization can play a pivotal role in overcoming the challenge of Islamophobia. In the recent past, the efforts of the OIC to convince the United Nations about Islamophobia and acknowledge the 15th March as an international day against the phenomenon are symbolic. However, the Muslim world must react proactively to misconceptions and stereotypes that breed Islamophobia.

Moreover, the platform of the United Nations and foreign policy are valuable tools in fighting the threat. The organization comprises more than fifty countries and a plethora of financial and human resources to combat this threat. Likewise, awareness campaigns, documentaries and films can play an influential role in diminishing the Islamophobic thoughts of people worldwide.