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A tolerant society

We regularly hold conversation about diverse issues of our society, like, lack of quality education, destitution, unemployment, need of clean drinking water etc. Among these issues, tolerance is one of the most important issues prevailing in the society. Tolerance is defined as patience, acknowledgment of other’s opinions, listen to others even if you are opposed to them. Everyone wants to be heard but not to ready to hear. Listen to others no matter if you dissent, otherwise it will lead to some offending counter-arguments that could cause conflict. Tolerance is diminishing in our society.

There exist political, religious and cultural intolerance in society. Opposition blame government of bad governance and of not tackling rising issues in the country. Similarly, government also blames the opposition as barrier to development of the country and even term them as traitor. Recent two weeks of political unrest has unveiled high level of intolerance among political leaders. Only blame game is being played among them and neither side is ready to listen to other and that’s why it has led to conflict among parties. The attack on Punjab Assembly’s deputy speaker was highly condemnable and goes against democratic norms and values of country, which shows political intolerance.

Religious and cultural intolerance also appear to be downgraded. Some of the scholars preach narrow version or rituals of Islam and leave aside Huqooq-ul-Ibad, which is cause of religious extremism in society. There is crying need to develop culture of tolerance in society in order to establish an environment of peace. We have many examples by the Holy Prophet (PBUH), who showed patience and tolerance practically in His whole life. We must have courage to respect other’s opinions, ideas and arguments and be a tolerant person.


Bhimber, Azad Kashmir

Benefits of newspapers

Newspapers have amazing advantages and benefits for people as reading newspapers encourages young and old to not only gain knowledge but also practice how to read and write. Because of reading newspapers many students become capable to write letters, articles, stories and others pieces, which develop one’s thinking power. In newspapers many people share their experiences, which are source of encouragement for young writers and readers.

Newspapers create awareness about whole world and reader can express them selves easily by reading opinions and editorials of newspapers. Small pieces like letters and poems play a significant role in today’s era. Editors publish student’s composition in their columns, which is a real source of encouragement. The habit of reading newspapers improves reading power, vocabulary, writing skills etc.


Turbat, Balochistan

Unsafe Chaghi

Chaghi is the largest district of Pakistan, located in north west corner of Balochistan with area of 44,748 km but it is extremely heart wrenching that few days back drivers, who were prohibited to do border trade in Nokundi, were treated badly by security forces. They did a peace protest, which is a constitutional right of every citizen in order to be permitted to do their border trade.

Neither they were against the state nor they were miscreants. However it is fundamental and constitutional right of every citizen to hold peace protest yet due to reckless behaviour many drivers, innocent children and women were injured. In addition, unemployment is at its peak in Balochistan and there isn’t any other source of income.

Destitute public of Chaghi and other citizens are compelled to do border trade to support their families. They face plenty of hurdles to do border trade and are away from their families for many days or weeks in order to earn. Recently drivers were again halted and their vehicle’s keys were snatched. The innocent drivers stayed there for few days without food and water as a reason three or four innocent drivers lost their lives. Government of Balochistan must look into this serious and hot issue. However, if they are prohibited to do border trade then govt should provide them other opportunities in order to earn honestly for their families.


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