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Obligations of right to protest

It is time for Pakistan, facing a persistent economic crisis, to understand that the “Right to Protest” is not absolute, overriding the rights of citizens guaranteed freedom of movement, security of life and property and the collective national interest of people. What we witnessed on 25 May 2022 and in 2017, 2021 by TLP was complete mayhem and chaos unbecoming of a constitutional democracy. A State with a written Constitution and rule of law exists to serve the people, as elaborated by Quaid on 11 August 1947, that Pakistan will be a modern democratic welfare state.

Every individual has the right to his political opinion, but professional journalists must abide by professional ethics, to honestly disseminate facts irrespective of their own political leanings. There have been numerous journalists in the past like late Muhammed Ziauddin, late Arif Nizami etc who apart from having credibility in the print media, enjoyed respect in television.

The least that is required of political analysts, hosting prime time Talk Shows, is to be well versed about the Constitution of Pakistan, and the importance of Rule of Law. Unfortunately, the shortage of qualified journalists well versed with political science and professional ethics required of them and the intolerance of various governments to tolerate critical analysis, a few individuals suitable as announcers to host entertainment programs, have become moderators and anchors in political Talk Shows.

It is not that there is a shortage of qualified political analysts, but the intolerance of numerous governments for critical analysis and their insistence to have anchors toeing the party line, that qualified professional analysts of repute were forced by repressive regimes to be laid off. Even those who hosted Morning Talk Shows don’t hesitate to proclaim that the right to protest is absolute, in complete disregard of what the Constitution states. Television channels devoted to toe any political party must clearly be specified as such.



Rise in inflation

Inflation is the measure of the rising prices of goods and services in an economy. It occurs when there is a persistent upward movement in the general price level. When inflation occurs, the power of purchasing goods decreases. The prices of goods can increase normally when supply is less but demand is more. Such price rise is called demand-pull inflation. The prices of goods can also increase when the cost of raw material increases.

For instance, due to the rise in wages in the steel industry, prices of steel may rise and consequently, it will raise the prices of vehicles, machines, etc. The rise in the price of the vehicle may result in increasing the price of transportation. The cost of agriculture commodities may rise due to an increase in the price of tractors. Ultimately, food and raw material prices will go up. All of this is the cost-pull inflation. We are all aware that the inflation rate has been increased greatly in Pakistan in the past few years. The public is angry on high prices greatly affecting their daily lives. It can easily be judged that prices have increased. These days cost-push inflation is seen. Pakistan continues to reel under high inflation. Along tax increase and higher energy prices, Pakistan is facing rising inflation as the purchasing power of the rupee decreases. A growing number of people across Pakistan are now complaining of inflation in a way that has not seen since long.

The covid-19 pandemic greatly affected supply demand balance resulting in food shortages greatly affecting daily wages labour who cannot afford to keep food items stocks. To conclude, reasons of growing inflation, higher production cost, disturbed equilibrium between food demand supply, confused economic policies are drowning Pakistan in a great financial debt.



World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day is celebrated on May 31 year each to highlight the bad affects of smoking. This year’s theme is ‘Protect the Environment’. Smoking is one the major causes of heart and lung diseases. It is believed by medical practitioners all over the world that if a person smokes extensively for a longer period of time, it weakens human body’s immune system

A person becomes an easy prey for life threatening diseases such as cardiac arrest, lungs, stomach and mouth cancer. The worst part of smoking cigarettes is that it is addictive. A person begins with one or two cigarettes a day and ends up buying a pack seeing no way going back

Governments, both in developed and developing countries, have stringent laws to curb smoking. Difference is in implementation of laws. In Pakistan, there is dire need for strict implementation of laws to save our young generation from the menace of smoking tobacco in various forms. The concerned quarters are urged to make a resolve on this year’s No Tobacco Day to raise awareness among public against ill effects of smoking, save humans and protect the environment


Lalazar, Rawalpindi


World No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on 31 May. Tobacco is the second major cause of death in the world.

It is well known that half the people who smoke regularly today will eventually be killed by tobacco. The government should ban tobacco promotion and hold countrywide campaigns to create awareness among people.


Mumbai, India