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Social comparison!

We constantly review our own and others’ attractiveness, wealth, intelligence and success. And sometimes, these principles can be useful and beneficial for our development, if we learn lessons with an unbiased mind.

Healthy competition is a great way to enhance, motivate and develop a positive self-image. But if you allow these feelings to dominate you and begin to examine yourself negatively, effects of the conflict begin to reverse. Such comparisons are biased by nature, because we are more likely to compare the worst in ourselves with the best in others. Also, people are not the same – you, your history, and your journey are unique, so it’s never fair to compare them to others. There is no end to comparisons.

There are always other things that make you jealous or envious of others, so if you deal with those feelings they will never go away. I would advise everyone who is feeling inadequate or not as good as everyone around to focus on what they want out of life. It focuses on experience and helps you find a clear path to your goals. If you only focus on your northern star, you don’t have to worry about anyone else. Likewise, if you spend all your time comparing the ways of others, you are not going your own way at all.

Comparison will kill you if you let it. We should all strive to be best version of ourselves so that not only ourselves but also people around us benefit at work and in our private lives. I believe in celebrating all my great and small personal accomplishments and achievements. I also believe that we must understand every failure as a learning experience. Only by analysing the steps we take and comparing them with our goals and ambitions can we learn, grow, and eventually reach our North Star.



Rising extremism

Extremism of every kind is found in abundance in Pakistan. But religious extremism takes the spotlight. Pakistan used to be one of the safest and plural societies with tolerant people during 50s and 60s, yet once Pakistan under the military regime of Gen Zia took active part in US-USSR war in Afghanistan in the name of so-called ‘Jihad’ those events are still haunting us even after four decades later.

Militant groups began to rise and were strengthened by state support. A jihadi ideology was allowed to bloom. These groups soon started activities inside the state as well. Different groups started clashing with each other. Religious and sectarian quarrels turned into bloody conflicts and people were hurt on both sides. The people still remain in an identity crisis ever since independence.

All this resulted in creating a highly polarised society where sheer intolerance for others’ religious and political beliefs became the norm. And quarrels soon turned physical. Religious clerics always used religious card to turn on people’s emotions. As seen in TLP protests, mob lynching of Mashal Khan and Sialkot incident, mobs can turn brutal and lethal in the name of religion. That is why the state needs to actively prioritise education of the masses, so that they cannot be held hostage by such people and are not easily manipulated.


Via email

Beggars in Islamabad

I want to draw attention of concerned authorities towards rising nuisance of beggars in the Capital city. Every day one finds large number of beggars in city markets, outside universities, mosques, traffic signals etc. The pity is that most of them are physically fit but have made begging a profession, as it is one of the easiest ways of earning handsome money. Icing on the cake, majority of them are teenagers who by their own will or by force have indulged in this heinous act. Instead of getting education, contributing their vital abilities in uplifting Pakistan, they have chosen this profession not using their mental and physical abilities.

Well no doubt there are some authentic cases in which handicapped persons beg in order to meet their needs. I must recommend that first of all such disabled should be provided with proper treatment and a permanent source of earning to fulfil their basic needs. While strict action should be taken against those who have chosen begging as a profession.

Besides that proper education and grooming should be provided to young ones in order to keep them away from such immoral acts. The authorities should check this social evil with a proper strategy and public should also cooperate with authorities to crush this evil practice.



Mess after political rallies

The ongoing public rallies are greatly impacting already fragile environment. Soon after rallies are over one can witness huge piles of garbage, discarded bottles, wasted food and plastic bags on roads and parks. This trash is causing complications for public and polluting the environment. The cleaning requires more time and manpower. It is requested to leaders, their blind followers and administration to contemplate about this hitch. If leaders can provoke followers to come on streets, they can also ask them to behave as a civilised nation. If followers can come on streets for betterment of leadership they own, they can also think about cleanliness in the country. Hope not asking too much?



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