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Political and economic quagmire

Pakistan today faces a political and economic quagmire, becoming more acute because of the conflicts of interests of those at helm and political instability increasing in this blind pursuit of power, regardless of the damage being inflicted. Constitutional offices held by men of mediocrity are using technicalities to prolong this impasse.

There is no concept of a ruling family in a democracy, because individuals and political parties are voted into and out of power. This is what democracy is all about, where sovereignty vests with the will of people. There is no place for cults (be it IK, or MNS or AZ etc) in a democracy, nor in any Islamic society.

The graveyards of the world are proof, if any is needed, for those who think that Pakistan cannot survive without their being at helm. It is the collective interest and welfare of the majority that must precede the insatiable lust for power; otherwise the backlash in Sri Lanka against Rajapaksa family is there for all to see.

When PML-N was in power, the total external debt was $86 Billion in 2017, which swelled to $93 Billion in 2018 under PTI and by 2021 escalated to $116 Billion, an increase of $36Billion in under 4 years. For this, PTI alone cannot be blamed, although it failed to arrest the worsening Debt to GDP ratio, but the policies of civil and military governments that have misruled this country since 1958.

We face a drastic economic situation yet there is no visible attempt to reduce import of luxury items. Given the acute economic crisis, facing likelihood of default, the least that was expected was total ban on import of all foreign cars, mobile phones, private jets and luxury items for at least one year. Instead, what we saw was liberal import of luxury SUVs etc. There seems to be no realization.



Say no to discrimination!

Religious discrimination is a serious issue in the human rights situation in modern-day Pakistan. Hindus, Christians and Sikhs among other religious minorities often face discrimination and at times are even subjected to violence. An email to the Organization of World Peace from the British Asian Christian Association listed many cases of abuse, including young girls being kidnapped, raped and forced into Islamic marriages every year. But most common type of abuse that Christians face living in Pakistan is blasphemy laws.

Christians only make up 1.59% of the population of Pakistan yet 15% of Christians are accused of blasphemy. It is noted that many blasphemy cases and individuals accused of blasphemy come from vendettas, personal disputes and even full discrimination and intolerance.

So, Naya Pakistan or Purana Pakistan, the lives of minorities were never a priority for anyone. The pain is still there and the killings are still there. We cannot go back to past and we cannot bring those innocent people back to life but what we can do is we can make a change and we can make Pakistan a better and more secure place for everyone living in it.



A day for East Indians

This special day for the East Indian Catholic community of Mumbai is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of May every year at the Kaka Baptista East Indian Museum at Manori in Malad (West). On this day, East Indians from all over Mumbai and it’s suburbs come together for a day of celebration. The highlights for this year’s programme on May 15 are as follows: * Mass in East Indian Marathi dialect at 10.30 am. * Stalls selling local produce of fresh vegetables and fruits and taari; also home-made pickles, prawns balchao, fugiyas, sorpotel, vindaloo, East Indian bottle masala and East Indian Marathi music CDs and VCDs. * Introduction of special displays belonging to the East Indian Catholic community of Mumbai at the museum. * Sale of East Indian nav-vari lugras for the women and musical instruments like the ghumat.

* Playing of East Indian brass band and singing of East Indian Marathi songs by some people belonging to the East Indian Catholic community. * Games like raffle draw and housie. * Spot prizes for the well-dressed man/woman.

A note to readers: East Indians are a community of Roman Catholics who are the original inhabitants of Mumbai. The Marathi they speak is quite different from the Marathi the Maharashtrians of Mumbai speak.


Mumbai, India

Same wine

in different bottles

What remains for the people to expect from the government if they do, then from whom? Have any of the leaders ever solved any issue that they are facing? Indeed, fate of the country never changes for changing the faces of the leaders, however, for changing the novel look of the country, a leader should come to the ground with highly effective vision and his purpose should only be based on the development of the country.

Meanwhile, the people have been facing problems and chanting slogans against the government from very early. None of leaders has ever showed any loyalty for the public where as, the leadership has been blessed by the people. In short, the leaders are requested to prioritise the life of public more than your leadership for, the more you care them, the more they respect you.



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