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Dr Pirzada’s tweet

Responding to the tweet of eminent analyst and anchor Dr Moeed Pirzada. “The utterly brazen and audacious rhetoric against vital state institutions must stop forthwith, in the larger interest of this country and this nation”.

Dr. Moeed, the brazen diatribe that the political forces have audaciously launched against Pak Army, you would admit, has given our arch detractor across the border an opportunity to build a rhetoric against us that could be termed anything but positive. Watch the Vlog and hear what a retired major of the Indian Army, Gaurav Arya has to say about the current utterly despicable political situation in Pakistan.

You would surely appreciate, the brazen rhetoric, particularly against Pakistan’s gallant Army, by some political forces cannot be sanctioned under any circumstances. This, I am afraid, could prove to be profoundly catastrophic for the country, if permitted to continue unremittingly. All this must cease forthwith, in the larger interest of this country and this nation. Pakistan Zindabad! Pakistan Army Paindabad!



Libraries’ role

Libraries are the gateway to knowledge and are ultimate source of development, peace, prosperity and great civilization. Since Pakistan is a developing country, we often face many issues at all levels and educational crisis is counted on the top of the list. Apart from this, illiteracy rate is increasing critically due to lack of public libraries.

Moreover in Pakistan, there is no organized public library system. The existing libraries are under the control of cultural, social welfare and local government departments. Majority of these libraries occupy the temporary buildings, scarce furniture, no power and water supply, donated books mainly outdated.

Unfortunately, in this scientific era, scientific books are also unavailable in the libraries. In the rural areas of Pakistan, students are being deprived from the blessing of a library. Resultantly, students indulge in useless activities.

In order to solve this issue, concerned authorities should pay heed to this problem. Apart from this, the existing libraries in Sindh, like Daudpota Library Hyderabad, Shah Nawaz Library Larkana and Liaqat, Sachal Libraries of Karachi should be given facilities and their catalogue should be updated. Likewise, a library in every city, town or village is essential with proper facilities as well as should be updated their books stocks and making all arrangements for online learning. Similarly, provision of quality education and establishment of libraries is mandatory under Article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan.



Governor’s role in Sindh

The portfolio of Governor has become meaningless in the province of Sindh. The expenditure on the office is sheer waste of tax-payer’s money and public exchequer. The Governor in the capacity of Chancellor performs only cosmetic functions like distribution of degrees in public sector universities or taking oath of cabinet members.

Whereas, in other provinces of Pakistan, Governors enjoy potent portfolios. It is ironic that the controlling authority of public sector universities’ examining bodies as well as the Secretariat of Provincial Ombudsman was transferred to the Chief Executive of the province. The Chief Minister is the head of all the departments against whom complaints are heard by the Ombudsman. Earlier, the power was inherently vested in the office of the Governor.

The office of Governor in Sindh was entrusted to the second largest linguistic entity of the province by virtue of a social contract of power sharing during the tenure of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and that continues till date. The analogy of power sharing demands that the inherent function of the Governor should be restored without further loss of time.




of music

It has been proven that listening soft music assist us to improve our mental well-being and boost physical health. As we get older it also gives us numerous advantages such as (a) Music makes you happier (b) Music reduces depression (c) Music strengthens learning and memory (d) Music increases verbal intelligence. Research has shown that blood flows more easily when music is played.

It can also reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduces stress hormone levels and increases healthy hormone levels in the blood. It elevates mood. Music can boost brain’s production of hormones that are good for our health and well-being.





Hope of millions

From the establishment of Pakistan in 1947 until now, different people have held the office of the Prime Minister. They were great leaders and nation-builders (such as Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfaqari Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif and many more). They did great work for the development of the country.

The recently-elected Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is being viewed as a new hope. People tout him the right person for the right job and expect many things from him. They are of the view that SS can take Pakistan out of darkness, economic and social crises. Shahbaz Sharif is a forward looking leader who had developed Punjab when he was the chief minister of the province.

It is needless to mention that the former Premier (Imran Khan) had promised to do many things for the state and public but couldn’t do anything. The Almighty knows better, Why? We hope that Shahbaz Sharif will do something. He will bring a positive change. He will come up to the expectations of the people. I congratulate him for being the 23rd prime minister of Pakistan.



Deep divide

Karnataka has been fraught with communal tension of late — the hijab controversy, restriction on Muslim vendors at temples and religious fairs, and calls for banning halal meat.

Recently, Prashanth Bangera of the Bharatha Rakshana Vedike appealed to Hindus not to take Muslim drivers when they go to temples or on pilgrimages. He has also asked Hindus to shun vehicles from transport companies that are owned by Muslims. This is ridiculous and against the Constitution of the country.


Mumbai, India

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