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Salvaging cricket from whims, fancies

How agonizing is revealing and convincing on the distorted aspect of national cricket to save or salvage its image from being brutally tarnished. So imminent and evident indeed that Babar Azam is one of the world’s nicest and finest batters unleashing the beauties and wonders of batting.

But it is very hard to believe that Babar Azam contributes bulk of the reasons for the very dismal performance of national cricketers. Just a few of the many examples sadly reflect on Skipper Babar Azam’s personal likes, dislikes, whims, fancies and miscalculations:

In different formats of the game questioned is including huge liability ones like Hasan Ali and Nauman Ali and rejecting gainfully adding ones as Azam Khan and Sharjeel Khan. It is beyond imagination to digest if cricket liability players themselves sacrifice to rise over self voluntarily quiting in larger interest of the game and in the higher national interest.

Among daunting social problems to address and rectify are die-hard ego, nagging conflict and cut-throat competition including those in cricket and its decision-makers. If leaders were to lead from the front in fair-play and justice, including those in cricket, followers would be enlightened in letter and spirit towards better and brighter results.



Low literacy rate

Current literacy rate of Pakistan is 62.3 which means that estimated population of 60 million is illiterate in our country (ministry of federal education and professional training) Why there are less doctors, scientists, educated people and more uneducated, beggars, thiefs in our country?

Is a great pianist or a master criminal is born, or made?Founder of behaviourism, a famous psychologist John B.Watson said:” Give me a dozen healthy infants, well formed and my own special world to bring them up in and I’ll guarantee to take any one at random, and train him to become any type of specialist I might select-doctor, artist, merchant and, yes, even beggar and theif, regardless of his talent, penchant, tendency, ability, vocation and race of his ancestors”.

So there are more chances a great scientist or a pianist is made, not born. Illiteracy rate in our country is so high because of our mentality, poverty and education system. Let’s see it in the picture of past and present.

When great nations, like British and America were making Harvard and Oxford, we were making taj mehal, shahi qila in our subcontinent. They were promoting education, science and technology and we were opposing science and technical education. So they started ruling the world. Then we became victim of inferior complex that Britons or white skinned people are superior than brown and started adopting their dressing style, language, infrastructure. But what we didn’t adopt was their mentality, education system and behaviour which was making them superior.

Let’s look at present, instead of creativity and knowledge, our education system promotes cramming. This shows our mentality as a nation. It is our responsibility that we and our government should take initiatives to financially support deprived children of our society and provide then good sources of education to make our posterity educated. Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to highlight that nations grow through education and change of mindset. Now it’s our time to educate our people and to change our education system



Mufahmat: An unholy Rapprochement

The most misused word in Pakistan’s corridors of power has been “rapprochement” or “mufahmat” and that too under the garb of “larger national interest”. This approach was used to allure hardened of criminals, looters and plunderers for softening the detente, harmonization and reconciliation.

In retrospect, every time the crisis was averted temporarily but the consequences in the long term have been horrendous both for the wellbeing and future prospects of the state. Coming to the current situation, the sitting government with all its alleged shortcomings was about to advent on its final leg of its democratic tenure when suddenly a political storm started to build up against it.

Why now when it was a win win situation for both the government and opposition. The government was trying to speed up its delivery, whereas opposition has political tail winds favouring its run up to victory in upcoming elections next year. In addition, governments approval ratings were dilly dallying.

It’s in the largest interest of Pakistan that the storm of no confidence immediately subsides and situation is brought back to normal as the outcome in both cases, winning or losing, is detrimental for the state. However, the solution to end detente is not in rapprochement but for the warring parties to go back to their original position before this whole no-confidence move was started, otherwise there will be no winners, all losers.



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