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Political unrest

Political temperature has boomed in the country between the government and the opposition ahead of the vote on no-trust motion against the Prime Minister amidst rising inflation, unemployment and other issues being faced by the masses. The incumbent government is accusing the opposition of horse-trading for buying their loyalists hailing from the ruling party. On the other hand, opposition is claiming that Prime Minister has lost the majority in National Assembly and, therefore, he should resign from his premiership.

An unpleasant scene was also witnessed at the Parliament Lodges, in Islamabad, where legislators and the Islamabad Police confronted each other. In Sindh House also, PTI’s partisans and of it’s two MNAs forcefully entered, where they claimed that a few of their colleagues were staying there. Those staying there feared that the federal government may abduct them ahead of voting on no-trust motion against the Prime Minister. They were disgruntled MNA’s who are showing mistrust in their Government.

History has been the witness of musical chair game among the political parties for the sake of power since the inception of this country where democracy has always been on downslide. Martial laws were imposed, propaganda was made to topple the sitting government and to reach the power corridor and as a result, weakened the democratic institutions. If there had been more focus on the development and betterment of the country rather than only seeking for power, it would have been better for the prosperity and well-being of the masses in country.


Bhimber Azad Kashmir


political system

Since Adam and Eve, there are versatile political systems across the globe. Four major theories about political systems are social contract theory, wars between states, Patriarchy or matriarchy and theory of divine origin. We have seen monarchy of different types, dictatorship, aristocracy, feudalism, fascism, theocracy and autocracy as well. Whereas, the existing and prevailing system is democracy with its alterations. It is the most accepted and cherished form of government these days.

Europeans consider time before the treaty of Westphalia (separation between church and state and rise of protestant ideology, rationalism, and liberalism, rise of nation-state and huge advancement in technology) as their dark age. Liberalism left its imprint on Muslim population as well. There is also a question of liberalization in Muslim states as well and Muslims are questioning the role of religion in politics. Is Islam really outdated and incompatible with current age?

The whole concept of theocracy is misunderstood and also misinterpreted by the West in modern times. As they are dominant, so Muslims are trying to apply their recipe of success on their ownselves. Having less commands in religion, atrocities people faced by monarchs and popes, misinterpretation by the pope for the sake of his own power and constraints in search of the true spirit of the Bible are the leading causes. It should be understood whether theocracy means imposing will of religious leaders or imposing the will of the Almighty?

The basic difference between Islamic system and other systems is sovereignty of the Almighty. “All praise unto the Almighty” is differentiating factor, so there is commandment of the Almighty. Islam gives us basic principles of a system but leaves the rest to mindful people of contemporary era to interpret according to situation. But, universal principles of Islam cannot be altered and are tried and tested



Attention please

This is with the reference to the letter “Action Must Be taken” by Dad Shah Bahadur Khan (26 March). Though the write-up was ideologically a readable piece, yet it comprises some published material of other writers.

The writer is humbly solicited to avoid copying others’ published compositions in order not to lose his creativity and reputation as well. The newspapers are also requested to fully check the letters whether the write-ups contain plagiarism or not before their publication. The intent behind writing this letter is not chastise the writer (Dad Shah) but it was a compulsion as the write-up contains my published ideas.


Malir, Karachi

It is hard to be a woman!

Woman’s place in our society, on the whole, is not very satisfactory. Despite changes in conventional thoughts, a girl’s birth is still not celebrated in Pakistani families. A number of Pakistani women are being persecuted at different age groups. Gender inequality is seen in most of the Pakistani families which is the root cause of women violence and insecurity that sometimes result in forced or early marriages.

Society believes that the only ultimate goal of every woman is to get married right after her puberty. In this male-dominated society, it’s hard to be a woman, when it comes to choose a career or to choose a spouse. The main problem with our society is that, women are considered someone’s possession. They have no right to be independent in this society. And this gender discrimination deprived them of their right to express their opinions.

Being from Pakistan and having a Desi background, the very first thing a society expects from a woman is to handle the household chores and after getting married, the take care of her children and husband. When it comes to your personal life and decisions, you would find yourself helpless. You have to tackle with so-called stereotype in the society about a woman. Yes, Family should be the first priority of a Muslim woman. As a Muslim, she should prove herself as a good wife, a cooperative sister, an obedient daughter and a dutiful mother.

But as an independent individual she should be given right to make her own decisions without any societal pressure. She should have given the right to openly raise her voice against anyone who has tried to harass her sexually or mentally. It is the duty of state or every single individual to empower every single woman in the society and to make sure their security in the society.



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