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Dragging towards anarchy?

The way we saw on media that Islamabad police forced entry in private residence of a Legislature and using coercive methods against opposition MNA’s & Senators should open the eyes of our Lawmakers to realize what treatment the man in the street is getting from public servants sustained on taxpayers money?

Till yesterday PTI was throwing challenges to opposition to show their strength, now when motion has been submitted PTI has lost its balance and using carrot and stick game to save their skin. Earlier when a No-Confidence was moved within a year of BB’s government in 1989, though she was also heading a coalition government and the opposition alleged her as security risk but her team of seasoned politicians advised her to remain cool and allow the law to take its own course. She secured more than the required votes and I know that three MNAs of the opposition, considering it as premature move, had defied and voted in her favour, where has that calibre among our legislators gone, who hurl abuses and engage in scuffles. If PMIK and his team of advisors had read history they would know that even Hitler was doomed because of his advisors who believed on propaganda power, more than 90% people are bleeding through their nose due to mis-governance and unprecedented inflation and crippled economy.

Why PM has opened a tirade against opposition leaders and EU this will not serve his purpose, this only tarnishes the dignity of his high office. Leaders “Stoop to Conquer” I hope sanity would prevail and drifting towards anarchy is averted.



Language complexity

If we feel inferior while speaking our native language, then how will we emerge as a free nation? On the day of my orientation at the university, I experienced a quite painful thing. All the students were in the auditorium and the faculty members too. First, we had a short video on the projector about the department’s progress. Then, one by one, every teacher introduced himself/herself to the students. One of the teachers came on the dais. She was asked to introduce herself in English because everyone present there was introducing himself in English. But she couldn’t do that properly(fluently). How pathetic it is! She didn’t have the liberty to introduce herself in Urdu even in Pakistan.

The matter is not the language whether it’s English or Urdu. The problem is in our minds. Aren’t we depriving our language of its right? Chinese don’t feel uncomfortable while speaking their native language. Turkish people don’t feel inferior while speaking Turkish, their mother tongue. Then why do we make our people feel inferior when they speak their native language i.e. Urdu?

Our educational institutions should work to aggrandize the national language. Because if educational institutions feel inferior while speaking Urdu instead of English, then who will promote the Language? Once you start feeling proud while speaking Urdu, then it’s not a problem at all whether you speak English or any other language.



No future without science

The European countries are progressing and developing day by day due to promoting science. Whereas, we are still indulged in politics and feudalism. We are far away from developed countries in the scientific and technical war. We hardly find scientists in Pakistan who work on innovation.

If we glance an eye at the advanced countries so the first reason of their advancement is technology. They can themselves mine their minerals and get benefit from that. But, we have to take the support of other countries for searching our minerals and half of the profit goes to them.

Secondly, in the times of pandemic, we are unable to make vaccines ourselves. We have to buy vaccines in dollars from other countries which has deep impact on our economy. We are completely zero in the field of science.

We need to work on our science fields as well. We cannot survive in coming days if we do not promote science and technology. Today, the wars are neither fought by swords nor by weapons. The war is of science and technology. We must not be the spectator in this war, rather we should have our role in this war of advancement.


Hub city

Needs women leaders

Women are the backbone of the family and the bedrock of a nation. They bring life into the world. They sense the cries of an infant. Their instincts are to care for the old, the sick and those in need. Our mothers, sisters and daughters share a core value of caring for others.

International Women’s Day which was celebrated on March 8 was celebrated to make people aware about women rights and to show the achievements of women around the world. Women are the real architects of the society. They can create anything they want. Every man has been born out of a woman’s womb and we should realise that. The country needs more women leaders.


Mumbai, India


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