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No-confidence vote

The day has come and all the opposition parties collectively have submitted a document of no-confidence move against the sitting democratic prime minister of Pakistan. The situation is going to be very painful for the Prime Minister as members from his own party have made a forward block to bring change in Punjab by deseating CM Punjab. Though the Prime Minister and opposition both look confident and are claiming their victory by giving the status of numbers.

So far, it is clear that Prime Minister is going through a tough phase of his life to avoid defeat. If no confidence move fails, there will be no chance for opposition till 2028 but if it succeeds, Prime Minister has to leave his position. It is the matter of only number games for now onwards for both to make no confidence move either successful or failure. Media journalists and critics have dividend views as far as this move is concerned.

Some journalists believe that Imran Khan will complete his tenure while others have contradictory views. Even some are neutrals as well as but this move will decide the future of Imran Khan. Coming two weeks will be crucial for the PTI-led government whether it will complete the tenure or the change is waiting in the house. Prime Minister looks relaxed so far and so as the opposition. Just wait!



Digitalised claims

The insurance industry in Pakistan is relatively small compared to its peers in the region. One of the reasons for this lacking is that we are still unable to create that element of trust when it comes to the claims. This is an important factor for the customer when they actually look for an insurance partner.

Recently, I was discussing the same issue with one of my friends and he mentioned about the digital claim process Salaam Takaful is offering. Since he is a member of Salaam Takaful, he shared his experience with me where he got admitted in a hospital and filed all his claims digitally through their Salaam app. Personally speaking, I was amazed to see the process as it was pretty smooth and the reimbursement was done within 10-15 days.

Technology based innovations like these can be beneficial in gaining the trust of the masses because we as a nation must modernize ourselves. Insurance and takaful companies should start adapting smarter ways to engage the customer rather than piling-up heaps of documents to submit a claim.



Ensuing safety of holy places

A number of problems are caused due to religions sentiments such as honour killing, instilling, conflict with science, fear of punishment, delusion, curtailing problems as well as sometimes religions have been the reasons behind most wars and people have lost their precious lives either performing or battling for it. Unfortunately, these problems and small conflicts have reshaped themselves and are changed into destruction. Suicide attack and bombing has become a serious threat for the people. It is very saddening to see that the holy places are no longer save in our country. It is really disheartening that the people go for prayers but do not come back home.

On Friday, 4th of March, in Peshawar bombers blasted a bomb on Kucha Risaldar mosque that has become the reason of over 50 deaths whereas many are still under serious conditions because of the injuries.

It is not the first time in the history that a mosque is targeted but several times and a number of attacks happened worldwide due to which a large number of people who had gone for prayers embraced death. The government is requested to ensure the safety of the holy places, the mosques, in order to bring peace and let people worship Allah in a peaceful way. Otherwise, such threats, perhaps, end up most things and raise a number of problems for people.


Malir, Karachi

Hype of no confidence motion

In case the No-Confidence Motion against the PM is successful it would be the return of the corrupts to power. The wheeling and dealing at the highest level will be restored and resumed with vengeance.

The only resistance to their rout will be removed and all corruption cases will be withdrawn. With a clean chit the loot and plunder will re-enter the corridors of power with triumph. Having a full knowledge of this it would be up to the donor institutions to safeguard the sanctity of their tax payers’ money the way they prefer.



How problem of begging can be ended

I’d like to bring to the attention the growing problem of begging in our society through the columns of your esteemed daily newspaper. Those who resort to begging are, without a question, deserving of our sympathies. They are handicapped. They are unable to support themselves.

However, the majority of the beggars are physically capable. For them, begging has turned into a career. Begging is the simplest way for them to make a living. Some of them are criminals. They beg only to hide their crimes. This widespread begging is a scar on our country’s good name.

Begging should be made illegal. It ought to be made a punishable offence. For those beggars who are truly vulnerable, the government should open asylums. Beggars who are physically capable should be forced to work. They must go without meals if they are unable to work. We should have no sympathy for such impostors. Giving alms should not be used to promote them. It is one of society’s rising evils, and we, as citizens of the country, can play a significant role in putting an end to it.



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