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Cyber crime galore


FIA, Police and other law enforcing agencies are busy in checking, controlling and eliminating cyber-crime in all its manifestations and froms in the country. But still criminal-minded people, particularly the youth, continue to indulge in a sort of cyber crimes and deprive the innocent people of money on one pretext or the other in a fraudlent manner.

Only a couple of months back, an elderly lady residing in Jauhar Town, Lahore was deprived of her life saving of Rs one lakh. According to the details available, she received a phone call through Cell No 0335-6830853. The caller posing as her nephew told her that he was in trouble in a case at a police station in Islamabad and immediately needs Rs one lakh to get out and the money will be paid back in a couple of hours.

The old lady got very much worried and without trying to ascertain the facts, she hurried first and sent Rs 50000 through jazz cash at cell no 0324-5614735 and then being pressed further sent another Rs 50000 at cell no 0323-6586032. Only on regaining her senses she realized that a big fraud has been committed with her. A report in this regard was lodged with Cyber Crime Cell of Jauhar Town Police Station Lahore but no action has so far been taken.

Criminals are extensively and freely using mobile phones for playing dirty games and extracting money from the people. According to another information, an old man of Lahore received a message from cell no 92318198701 which inter alia read:” Dear Customer, your ATM card has been blocked by State Bank due to non-verification. Yet if you want to keep using your ATM card contact us at 03497970483 “. Since the person concerned was not possessing ATM card so he did not contact the cell no given in the message and thus was saved from losing his money as such.

FIA Cyber Crime Wing may pursue the matters on the cell nos given above to apprehend the culprits defrauding the people and depriving them of their money, please. Cell phones users are also advised not to attend calls from non-familiar and unknown cells phones, please.



Back to school

Kids must be feeling thrilled and excited that their schools have finally opened after the long drawn pandemic on account of which they were stuck with distance learning by the way of online classes. Nothing can ever replace classroom education and the role teachers play in personally moulding the children’s future in the centres of education. For this, children always need to remember their teachers with gratitude.

Great teachers can make a big difference in the life of children, for besides making a lasting impression in the classroom, they can have a positive influence in their life too.

Teachers are more than mere educators. They also play a role as a dear friend, counsellor and mentor, especially in these challenging times students face. All this can never materialise through online teaching.

Fond memories of our dear teachers must forever linger. A regular teacher may merely direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire, guide and challenge us to carve out our path in life.

We should always remain humble and heavily grateful to all our dear teachers who impart us with all the knowledge and guidance that helps us immensely throughout our life. To them all, we should very respectfully be ever indebted.


Mumbai, India

Islamophobia in India

The term Islamophobia refers to the meaning of fear or hatred against Islam or Muslims in general. For the last 20 years, this term has widely been practiced in the West. But later the situation in India has really made the future of Indian Muslims worrisome. Hindu extremists and people of Hinduvta mindset have been creating hurdles in the way of performing religious obligations. Muslims of India, sarcastically have been asked for their true Indian nationality. There have been several anti-Muslim cases; for instance, in 2002, western Indian state of Gujarat witnessed horrific incident of anti-Muslim riots. Poor are titled as stereotyped, their daily earnings are snatched on behalf of being Islamic embodiment.

Islamophobia in India is multidimensional, pervasive and deeply rooted which affects marginalised Muslim population in economically deprived or politically conflicted regions. Since the arrival of Modi government, Indian secular national policy has been transformed into pure extremist Hindutva mindset.

Hindu Pundits and religious managers curbed sensitive subject of humanity and released statement of Muslim massacre in India. One of them Pooja Shakun Pandey said, “Nothing is possible without weapons. Be ready to kill and go to jail. Even if 100 of us are ready to kill 20 lacs of them (Muslims), then we will be victorious”. Such a inhuman and irresponsible press release, neither any FIR was registered nor any action was taken against such barbaric beasts.


Khairpur Nathan Shah

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