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Apropos the rising ‘Islamophobia’, I would like to shed light on an important aspect in this regard: A constant and false propaganda the western media did to demonise Islam and Muslims.
Initially, during and post Israel war of 1967 with Arab states of Egypt, Syria and Jordan, Western Media—being an ally and patron of Israel’s wickedness and villainy—used to portray Arabs as synonymous to religious fundamentalists, violent terrorists, misogynists and back-warded radical stingers. But post 9/11, western media’s portraying of Arabs metamorphosed. It then tremendously and unanimously started spewing venom against the entire Muslims and Islam, and thus, succeeded to greater extent in entrenching the perception that Muslims are all terrorists and Islam is a war-perpetuating religion, thereby vilifying ‘jihad’ (Holy War) in a wrong context.
Today, on one hand Islamophobia is on its peak, the irony on the other hand is that the most war-affecting swathes belong to Muslim world and most people dying are Muslims. Whether it be Syria, Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq or Yemen.
Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan

Harassment and public transport

While travelling in public transport women have to face harassment. From inappropriate expressions, touches and looks to being catcalled, where women are not safe anywhere, public transport is the least safe of all. Moreover, male passengers are often allowed to sit in the female compartment, in fact right next to female passengers. Frequently females upon encountering an awkward situation are seen getting off a bus to board another one.
Everyone cannot pay for travelling by the taxi hailing services, which are comparatively more secure and safe. Therefore, the City Administration of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can at least make sure that female booths in public buses are restricted to female passengers only.

Modi/Masood: global terrorist?

At last; Maulana Masood Azhar was designated as a global terrorist under UNSCR 1267 on the basis of Modi & Co’s demand and inefficiency of our leadership de facto (!) Since 2008, Uncle Sam attempted four times for this declaration but every time thwarted by China.
On the other side Modi’s terrorism of: Gujarat; Nagaland; Mizoram; burning of over 50,000 Christian’s shelters in Odisha and raping of nuns around the country; killing of priests & pastors in prayer-houses in Madhya Pradesh; abrogation of Articles 370 and 35-A related to Kashmir’s autonomy which was/is (totally) against principles of – UN’s UNSCR 1267, UDHR (+) written dozens promises made at UN Forums by deceitful forefathers of Modi; disliking of minorities and even low-caste Hindus; involvement in Sri Lanka; Bangladesh; Pakistan; joint-ventures with Israel; involvement in Afghanistan; demolishing of Babari Mosque and so-called judgment of SC of India for construction of temple; and now, started most-satanic-scheme in Bihar for killing of around two-million Muslims!
According to Ministry of Women & Child Development, India – 2,42,938 babies disappeared between 2012-2017; Track Child, government database claimed — 2,37,040-children disappeared between 2012-2014; Bhuwan Ribhu, Legal Advisor of ‘Save the Childhood’ an anti-trafficking organization claims missing of 5,00,000+ babies yearly from India; US State Department’s Annual Report-2017 and; Global Slavery Index-2016 claimed that largest custodian-of-slaves was/is of course is (terrorist) Modi!!
Thousands of riots have appeared in India since her establishment in 1947 i.e. upper caste Hindus vs Dalits; Hindu-Muslim; Hindu-Christian. Atrocities committed in the IoK; Nagaland; Mizoram and caste discriminations against Dalits are not in UNSC’s knowledge (??).
On the basis of proof of highest terrorism against humanity; at last “Amnesty International” was compelled to declare Modi as global terrorist. Even then, why, UN is not declaring Modi as global terrorist instead of Masood Azhar. Because; UN – is a non-Muslim representative body and Masood was/is a Muslim (??).
Tatrinote, AK

Environmental impact of pesticide overuse

Nobody knows how much pesticide a person consumes through milk, meat and vegetable oil. There has so far been no estimate of its contamination in ground water aquifer. Pesticides are toxic compounds and their labels are specifically designed to encourage safe and effective use. Ignoring the directions can lead to civil and criminal charges and civil liability for damages to other parties. Children are particularly vulnerable to the harmful effects of pesticides. Even very low levels of exposure during a child’s development will have adverse health effects.
About 400,000 are poisoned every year owing to pesticide handling and usage. Companies, both national and multinational, make a colossal profit through sale proceeds. Pakistan is now a dumping ground for dangerous chemicals, whereas the world has opted for organic crops. The authorities concerned should wake up, or else there will be no point of return. Synthetic pesticides are used as required in the life cycle of the pest. Pesticides application must reach their intended targets. Cost of labour and pesticide use can be lowered by using low volume spray equipment.

Students’ mental health crisis

In Pakistan, suicide is currently one of the greatest causes of deaths among the students. Moreover, suicide rate is more inclined towards young men rather than young girls.
Every year, suicide rate becomes higher and higher in our country but unfortunately the matter like mental health have never been taken seriously. It is very pity that the reason behind the suicide always remains unknown.
When kids sent to schools basically is their first societal interaction to the world and this a time when they need a support and understanding most. But sadly, the practices like corporal punishment become the first step towards low self esteem. Then in college and university students face a lot of challenges on an everyday basis like academic competition, grades issue, criticism and lastly, the stereotypical mindsets of our society, which ultimately leads them towards depression or a place where there is no return.
Every education is incomplete without educating all aspect of life including mental and emotional education. So, it is a high time to develop student counsel department in each and every educational institutions. Moreover, it is very important to educate students about stress handling, involve them in fun activities from where students can build or upgrade their confidence. Lastly, it is the responsibility of both government and every educational institution to start work on this issue and safe young souls.

Self-defence training

Learning self-defence is one of the many ways for vulnerable groups, such as women and children, to protect themselves from harm. Even though it is difficult to fully prevent harassment and assault, self-defence training becomes necessary as it can protect people. Self-defence training is necessary considering the prevalence of kidnapping, harassment, assault and rape in our country.
Cases of homicide and assault are ever on the rise, not just here, but everywhere in the country, and majority of the victims happens to be female. In order to escape assailants and deter assault, self-defence classes should be introduced in educational institutes.
I am aware that these protective measures will not stop the assailants so action needs to be taken against them too. These instructions will create awareness among women and children as they will be taught how to fight off threats of all forms of assault. Parents should request school to introduce such measures.

Education mafia

The majority of private schools have no intention of increasing the standard of education or improving the literacy rate as they are just focused on earnings. Strict and meaningful action must be taken against private school mafia which is milking parents under different lame excuses.
Parents are forced to buy books, copies, stationery and uniform from such shops where they have to pay 300 to 400 per cent more than the market rate.
New curriculum is introduced every year so that students cannot use old books, which is a way to extract money from parents. Teachers are being used as salesmen with a sole aim to please students to attract more business which is resulting in a disaster. The government should immediately stop the merciless mafia from plundering the masses in the name of education.