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BJP humiliating Kashmiris

After the abrogation of article 370, Indian forces have further targeted civilians in occupied valley. Ever since the BJP assumed power, untold sufferings of the people have further increased. It has been three years since autonomy was taken away from people of Kashmir who are bearing cruelties of the Indian forces.

At least, 18 Kashmiri people have been killed in previous month so far. Extra-judicial killing stories of trauma and sufferings keep on surfacing in particular teenagers are killed mercilessly. People face everyday harassment and humiliation. The movement of people is strictly restricted. Even journalists with press cards or curfew pass fear to cross roads with barricades and razor wires.

Apart from all these hardships, IIOJK is strangely silent. There have been only a few clashes between youth and Indian forces with no major protest. Modi government equates this silence with normality and acceptance yet Modi must remember that oppression or use of brutal force cannot change or bend people for what they are demanding.


Kech, Balochistan

Resource-rich yet…

Balochistan has been plagued by years of instability at the hands of outfits propagating various shades of opinion. Poverty and chronic unemployment have together led our province descent into disorder and chaos, as if to add fuel in the fire. The Pakistan-Iran border is a crucial source for Baloch where they can easily find their livelihood.

But, these harsh conditions thus compelled thousands of people to earn their bread from economic activity generated through border trade with Iran. This border trade should be continued for betterment of socio-economic conditions in poverty-stricken areas of Balochistan because Iranian products happen to be cheaper than items arriving from Punjab and Sindh. And the plan to establish a border market system is yet to get translated into action and there is no progress in sight on such a project.

Government decision to grant fishing rights to Chinese trawlers stationed at Gwadar port has further reduced the income of local fishermen who were already in dire financial straits as they hardly have any equipment and boasts for fishing


Via email

Economic crisis

Right now, there have been various reports of economic crises in Sri Lanka. The people of Sri Lanka have been caught unaware, unable to buy essentials and food items in the wake of shortage of food products. Despite being home to agricultural activities and crop cultivation, Sri Lanka has been pushed to current economic crises by various factors from lack of funds to inefficient government. Only robust agricultural activities will facilitate growth across the board. Unfortunately, this spirit is missing in Sri Lanka now. So agriculture sector should be given a new lease of life right away through funds, crops and fertilisers. The UN should come forward to help Sri Lanka come out of this crisis soon through proper financial measures.


Maharashtra, India

Drug addiction

Wherever you look, you always find people especially youth addicted to drugs. Drug abuse destroys the future as well as educational initiatives of the youth. Alcohol and drugs are most common in Pakistani youth that some time results in death. So, if it is not controlled, it can further harm our coming generations. Many people have ended up their lives just because of not getting drugs. This is a serious issue and must be accorded top priority by law enforcing agencies.


Turbat, Balocistan

Lack of potable water

Water is one of the fundamental needs of every individual in this world. Without it we can’t survive. Every one uses water for drinking, cooking purposes etc. There are many places in Balochistan where potable water is simply not available.

There are many areas, where people are compelled to drink saltish water. Government of Balochistan must provide water supplies to such areas at earliest.


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Women education


Balochistan has a poor girls educational system. Low literacy rate is one of the major reasons to keep away girls from school. Government schools are in pathetic condition and as such girl students remain deprived of any educational activity. Many girls don’t attend their classes due to long distance. A girl can’t go to school 5 to 6 kilometres alone without any facilities of transportation.

Almost 75 percent of girls are out of school. This is an alarming situation. Unfortunately, almost 58 percent of government schools operate with very less teachers. It will be impossible for very few teachers to accommodate girls and boys in one classroom to teach them properly.

Another big issue is non-availability of proper libraries for girls where they are able to study different kinds of books to gain knowledge. The concerned minister of education department along with staff should visit all districts in Balochistan to see the condition of schools and provide them facilities that are considered fundamental requirements.


Kech, Balochistan


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