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Biased mentality

Hatred malady is touching the pinnacle of sky and that malady deeply insidiously seeped into our society—a very antediluvian already. We are too much inclined to harbouring rancorous, despicable, unkindness and unaffectionate connotation and cerebration towards one another in this trying epoch.

The love and affection predilection touched dwindled scope among people, with being nursed hypocritical enmity, for why one gets succeed and or is superior to others and why I’m not—this embittered and ill-conceived outlook reeks of shrinking love-affection orientation and leading to squabble, fight, mudslinging and chaos among people.

Having schadenfreude at the misfortunes of others doesn’t keep you happy for good, you will reap adequate acute pain and poignant anxiety rather than deriving ever-lasting pleasure while relishing—if one metes with ill-fated events in one’s life. We must show some kindness, sympathy and love at, either one attains success or procures failure—a requisite part of life.

Approach based on antagonism and malice should be changed thoroughly, rationale and unbiased outlook must be maintained a great deal. A prosperous and efflorescent live we all could live, in case we obliterate this fatal mentality until it wipes out the whole of society to the backbone.


Kandhkot, Sindh

Balochistan solution

Balochistan has been under a great threat of terrorism these days. All recent attacks on security forces’ camps – Noshki and Punjgur – have been an alarming stage of the security and well-being of the province. However, the problem of Balochistan is most of the time misunderstood. It is always considered a security-centric issue which has resulted in more and more FC camps in the cities and interference of security forces in the personal life of the locals. It is never considered a matter of deprivation and starvation; however, a simple but compact strategy is the need of this hour.

First of all, security forces should be deployed out of the cities which may give locals a brief sense of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. Second, people’s concerns should be monitored and idealized on an emergency basis so that the feeling of alienation will go away. Third, a political solution should be given more value which results in giving confidence to the masses. Moreover, the federal system can help a lot more than the current status if some changes are brought through legislation.

For example, the Senate should be given more authority to deal with the ordinances and law-making because it has an equal number of members across all provinces.

Additionally, laws related to Balochistan and its affairs shall be tabled and accepted only when the two-thirds of members of Baluchistan in the Senate favour it; rejected otherwise. In short, arm resistance has been an extremely failed and futile exercise. The only solution to make Balochistan prosperous is to make some diplomatic arrangements so that CPEC will be completed on time and Balochistan will become a trade hub for the region



Improving our dietary intake

The UK-based Independent newspaper, in an article titled The pursuit of umami: All the food trends that will be big in 2022, states that a number of supermarket predictions have named ‘umami’ as their top food trend in 2022.

Being an avid foodie, I know that this umami flavour is prevalent in monosodium glutamate (MSG). It’s unfortunate that the ban on MSG continues to remain. While the ban in Pakistan was implemented on grounds of safety, there is enough evidence by way of reports and papers published by WHO, FDA and FAO that classify MSG as safe for consumption.

Glutamate, which is the main component of MSG, is inherently present in foods like tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms. All of these are commonly consumed in Pakistan, be it in local dishes or through fast food. Interestingly enough, glutamate is the most abundant amino acid which is also found in breast milk. According to scientific evidence, glutamate in breast milk supports gut function for newborns.

Despite extensive research conducted by prestigious international public health agencies and organizations regarding MSG safety, it is still banned in Pakistan. Further, MSG usage is increasing globally due to its numerous health benefits and its inherent presence in natural food ingredients. The government and the concerned food authorities in Pakistan should relook at the MSG ban and bring back umami to Pakistan.



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