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For many years in lower Sindh, thousands of innocent people were exterminated by feud lords. People are as killed as they are not human beings but animals.

So far no action has been taken by the government. Only for that cause literacy rate is very low and leading of normal life has become so hard for the local community.

People are suffering from many problems like lack of livelihood, education for children, becoming homeless and killing of innocent people.

Lower Sindh needs shelter and state support against feudalism. Districts that come under feudalism are Kashmore, Shikarpur, Ghotki, and Sukkur.

Kandhkot, Sindh

Educated vs uneducated

No kudos is enough for the humanitarians of West Bengal’s Dharmadanga village for continuing with the 43-year old tradition of celebrating Lakshmi Puja jointly by transcending all norms of religious barriers amidst this utmost communally vitiated environment all around.

Tarak Das, an activist, humbly states that though he is not “very educated”(being a school dropout), he can’t forget the lines of Kazi Nazrul Islam — Mora ek brinte duti kusum …

Hindu Musalman (we are two buds of one stalk — Hindus and Muslims) — and “so we never differentiated among Hindus and Muslims !

Far from being “not very educated”, Tarak Das and his Hindu-Muslim companions of farming community are infinite times more educated than innumerable so-called “educated” who are outright communal to the core despite armed with

University/technical/medical/judicial degrees and holding medium to high Chairs in respective profession !

Mere earning of University degree does not necessarily make a person educated.

And so there exist innumerable “educated” persons in the society who are communal and intolerant to the utmost.

On the other hand many “uneducated” and illiterate are learned enough to regard the whole human race as one by transcending barriers of religion and nationality.

That person is truly educated who value human rights, remain humble and courteous, know the difference between right and wrong and also practise it in daily life.

Humble respect to Tarak Das and sincerely pray that more and more such “not very educated” persons flourish in the society. These beleaguered times is in very urgent need of them.


India vs Pak

The World Cup is undergoing but the fans are waiting for October 24 when India and Pakistan are going to play face to face.

The World Cup is the only way through which we, the cricket fans, can watch the match between India and Pakistan.

As a cricket fan, my best wishes are with both of the teams and I hope they will create a friendly atmosphere in the stadium and entertain us.

In fact, cricket remains the only option to bring the two nations closer together and we hope that cricket will strengthen Pak-India relations.


No doubt, a lot of time has passed away but enhancing or improving the education system is a big problem yet.

Some students are not able to continue their studies due to higher fee. Even several reputable universities are charging one lack to 1.5 lack per semester/4 months only. On the other hand, a few universities are not providing the scholarships accurately. Some of them are giving a percentage of scholarship like 25%.

In the running of many economical issues, education is going to be a business, where a common man is not able to afford higher amount.

How a country becomes successful without education? And how the common people become literate at higher fees? These are not just questions but a full stop, in which every person has to think 1000 times or stop to think for higher education to become a literate person.

In addition, quality always matters but there is a difference between right and corruption. Several educational institutions are doing business instead of imparting education. They can charge a fee which is the right of the university.

However, they should not charge higher fee of 4 or 6 months without providing an accommodation system. If they are charging higher then they should provide that type of facility.

In a nutshell, Government should have to focus on educational institutions. Once these things are going on the peak then no one can be able to recover from the surrounding situations effectively.

Education is not business, it is the right of every person. Government should make education compulsory (constitutionally guaranteed) and also highlight the fee structure with written documents on each spending.

Sindh, Pakistan

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