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Oh! New Zealand

The long wait of 18 years, hopes of the people of Pakistan, more and more easiness for the other international sides to visit Pakistan in future were buried by the decision taken by New Zealand Cricket Board on an eleventh hour.

New Zealand Cricket Board and the Government unilaterally cancelled tour without any consultation with PCB officials and the security agencies.

This decision of New Zealand Cricket Board is going to have the huge impact on Pakistan particularly for cricket.

Countries that were about to tour Pakistan will now rethink on their decision. What to talk of internationally, each and every person of Pakistan is disappointed after cancellation of the tour on the very last moment when the toss was about to be in progress. New Zealand might not be aware about the impact their decision is going to have on PCB.

If there had been such issues, the countries like South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies and Zimbabwe would have not visited Pakistan and completed their tours with full proof security.

It was even impossible for Pakistan to schedule Kashmir Premier League and PSL successfully.

After visiting the international teams here in Pakistan shows that this country is now a safe place for cricket and for everyone.

Players and their respective boards never raised any concern as far as the security is concerned.

Even New Zealand players were here for playing PSL but they were satisfied with the security management.

New Zealand should have discussed this issue with PCB and security related department to convince them about the matter. Cancelling the whole tour unilaterally is a big blow to cricket lovers around the globe.

Pakistan is a nation which knows how to bounce back from such unexpected matters which challenge the very sovereignty of the state.

Tour to BD

After six years, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has finally decided on sending Pakistan’s cricket team for a tour to Bangladesh.

The team will play two tests and three T20 internationals at the Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Dhaka.

Additionally, during the team’s last Bangladesh tour in May 2015, test series were played and Pakistan defeated Bangladesh 1-0. Similarly, Pakistan has an impressive record of Tests and T20 matches against Bangladesh. Pakistan emerged victorious in 10 out of 11 test matches and 11 out of 12 T20 matches.

Pakistan has previously done well and we hope the tradition and legacy will continue this time as well.


Useless CM of Maharashtra

Uday Thackeray, the CM of Maharashtra does not know what he talks. Today he will say something and tomorrow he will say something else.

After every 15 days, he keeps on extending the lockdown, which ultimately never comes to an end. He should think twice before saying anything.

Mumbai, India

USAT test

Undergraduate studies admission test (USAT) is a great initiative by HEC to tame the inequality, injustice and politics involved in getting admission in top-notch universities across the country.

Since HEC announced USAT very late, on the other hand, the universities have autonomously been advertising their admission programs on their own.

One thing that puzzles me is that all the universities across the country have nixed USAT result cards for the admission discourse. If this was to happen, HEC should have consulted or directed all the universities earlier about the USAT.

Now many students are paying double challan fee owing to the spurning of USAT result cards by one and all universities throughout the country.

We are being made a fool by universities as well as HEC. As inflation is getting alarm people are even sacked of their lives because of the high inflation rate.

Students are hard pressed to manage payment for one or two university challan where he or she wants to pursue their desired education. Every university has a minimum admission test challan of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 4000.

We appeal the authorities concerned to finalize the decision whether USAT result cards are adequate to get admission or not. It should not jeopardize the career of students.

As many students find it hard to pay for both HEC USAT challan as well as university challan yet they try to manage it to pay. HEC should mandate all the universities to tackle the admit cards.


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