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Covid-19 and mental health

Mental health remains one of the most neglected fields in Pakistan primarily due to multiple stigmas and myths attached to it.

Unfortunately, mental illness has now escalated to such an extent that it is nothing short of a crisis. Most of the population suffers from mild to moderate psychiatric illness, majority is women.

What is even more shocking is that the country has only one psychiatrist for every patient’s and one child psychiatrist for four million children suffering from mental disorders.

The recent cases of suicide and killing is a testament to the fact that much focus is required to combat citizens need to be made of aware throughout scientific knowledge of what individual with mental illness goes through all in all.

Corona-virus, commonly called Covid-19 is an infectious disease which causes illness in the respiratory system in the human beings.

It is a new virus that is impacting the health of the whole world. After a few months of respite the number of Covid-19 rises throughout the country. Covid-19 cases continue to rise very fast due to weak following of SOPs.

Pakistan is globally praised for her efforts aimed at controlling Covid-19. However, people don’t’ follow SOPs it is getting increased.

Wearing of mask should be a made mandatory for public. Everyone in Pakistan is requested to follow SOPs in order to save their lives and of others and don’t be cause of its spread.

Turbat Balochistan

Kudos to
KP Police

A viral visual on social media prompted me to pen down this piece. The visual was of Sikh bike riders proudly having their turbans on their head.

In addition to this, the smile on their faces was evident that they’re given all the perks and privileges in Pakistan to follow their religious rituals.

Bike riders are bound to use helmets for their safety as it is also made mandatory by the police authorities.

Owing to minority rights, the KP government has shown a mild gesture to the Sikhs by exempting them for using helmets as turbans are the religious symbols of Sikhs.

This polite gesture has aroused a sense of religious security within Sikhs and gave a loud and clear message to the world that Pakistanis believe in religious harmony and stand against extremism of any sort.

So, we should strengthen the hands of government in taking such decisions and avoid useless social media trials and trolling against them.

Agra, Sindh

Turbat hospitals

Ambulances carry patients slipping into the hands of death from Turbat to Karachi for better treatment.

Almost five or six ambulances are perceived wheeling on the coastal highway to Karachi which makes everybody realize that Turbat, the second largest city, lacks hospital staff and medical equipments in hospitals. The administrators even failed to extract a bullet from a patient’s body.

With this incumbent situation of the Covid-19 pandemic and scarcity of beds, people are seen dragging oxygen cylinders themselves without any aid being furnished by the employees. To add up more, the cleanliness is far apart in buildings and SOPs are completely ignored.

People are not guided at receptions either. Administration should be attentive and capable of carrying out the patients’ needs and must provide their services to enhance better treatment facilities.


Appeal in
the name of conscience

The Society for Human Salvation (SFHS) is an organisation of civil society representing enlightened segments of a society and follows universal human values, democracy and human rights.

The SFHS welcomes US government’s decision to opt for diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. Indeed, with the passage of time, a civil society emerged in Afghanistan and the world can kindle high hopes of better social relations between man and the Afghan man.

We are joyfully confident that the US will now clear the remains of two decades long prisons in Afghanistan with tolerance and forgiveness.

The international community and peace-loving masses of the world expect a general amnesty for the detainees and convicts imprisoned in USA jails, including Dr. Aafia Siddiqui to be freed on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. This act of benevolence will raise soft image of the US.

The Society for Human Salvation exclusively appeals the President, Government and other institutions of the United States of America to accord sympathetic consideration of this mercy appeal to pardon and release Dr. Aafia Siddiqui in the name of human dignity, honour and moral values.

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