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Interfaith harmony GB

Gilgit-Baltistan is a diverse region but having said that, peace, interfaith harmony, hospitality and brotherhood are some of the region’s hallmarks, except for an unfortunate layer of sectarianism emerged in last two decades.

An unexpected abrupt eruption of such sectarian conflicts has two reasons; domestically, the religion-politics of some extremist sectarian outfits and to destabilise region by intelligent agencies of neighbours given its geopolitical importance internationally.

In the backdrop, a very heartening development of interfaith harmony came in Ghawari area of Baltistan, where the clerics and high-ranked scholars from four indigenous sects of Ahl-e-Sunna, Ahl-e Hadith, Shia and Noor Bakhshia came under one umbrella.

United, they committed to creating a conducive environment for an interfaith harmony, thereby purging the miscreant elements from their respective sects to make GB a peaceful and safe region to live.

Such harmony is welcoming to dispel the impression of any sectarian rift and strife in GB because this is a high time for the state to sustain regional stability, especially, in the backdrop of the flagship project of CPEC—as some countries may not digest this mega-project that ensures a prosperous Pakistan and GB.

Nagar, Gilgit-Baltistan

No more hesitation

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, the virus has claimed 2.5 million lives globally with an upward trend with an additional 113 million confirmed cases.

It has impacted almost every field of life, causing global economies to stall, changing the way we work and interact with our loved ones.

Fortunately, in the beginning of 2021 numerous vaccines were given emergency approval and were distributed in countries across the world.

Currently, a total of seven Covid-19 vaccines are globally available. Research has demonstrated that the vaccines ‘Moderna’ and ‘mRNA based Pfizer’ are 94-95% effective, meaning they can lower the risk of catching the disease by 95% to suffer from this deadly virus.

The information is explained to acknowledge people about the vaccine’s effectiveness. However, majority of the population of this country is not comfortable in getting vaccinated due to various conspiracy theories about the vaccines and the virus.

Most people think that vaccines are nothing but only a clever trick to inject a microchip inside their bodies while some still can’t believe that a vaccine can save them from Covid-19.

Since the words of SIM blockage and unpaid salaries to non-vaccinated people have spread, people are finally getting themselves vaccinated now.

Vaccination centres are now visited by thousands of people each day. The vast majority of vaccine hesitant people don’t have any political agenda.

They are simply confused about getting injected. The good news is that people who were initially hesitant are getting vaccinated but even a delay is considered a threat to their health.

Via email

From Olympics to labour work

Every country in the race of development is investing in its youths for a brighter future. However, developed countries of the world are running too fast, their technology touches the moon, their inventions give birth to ease and comfort for citizens.

Notwithstanding, it is opposite in underdeveloped countries like Pakistan where juveniles and youngsters are being headed with no support from their government, even if they raise their shrewd talent in different activities and after emerging victorious, affiliate their rewards to their homeland. Moreover, Pakistan has sadly abandoned its youths to bring their talent before the world.

Even though the young generation has always played a pivotal role in the progress and prosperity of the country, if they are left behind in their talent, it will ambiguously be futile, opaque and a great loss to the country, and resultantly, these young talented people become despondent and don’t take interest in making their country proud.

It’s well said that the courage of victory doesn’t look at scarce resources, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Such is Soomro’s story.

Hailing from Pir Jo Goth, district Khairpur Mir’s Sindh, Soomro, even after being disabled to speak, listen and hear, proved himself a real hero by winning various medals in different Olympics.

The poor talented boy made Pakistan proud, after winning four silver medals from America and Australia while participating in the Special Olympics Children Asia Pacific Game 2019.

Albeit disability from birth could never stop him doing his best in games, but unfortunately scarcity of resources and less facilities for achieving future goals made him despondent and led to labour work.


Stop violating nature

Cutting down forests is very dangerous for all human beings because trees provide oxygen and clean the environment.

If we cut the trees, our environment will be dirty and we will suffer due to air pollution. Some people do so to make chairs, tables, paper and other daily life commodities.

There is another group of people who burn forests and clear the land to construct buildings, markets, offices, etc.,

due to which the ozone layer is affected and depleted. As a result, Mother Nature and the man himself is suffering from dangerous and deadly diseases. This also affects the soil due to which farmers cannot provide good quality food.

If this continues, animals will surely head towards cities. There are wild animals living in forests and if they come towards the cities, they will harm or kill human beings. Cutting trees may be beneficial one way but it is harmful in many ways.


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