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Fire incident

It refers to news reports dated 28 August 2021 about a fire incident in an industrial unit in which 16 workers were suffocated to death after a fire in a two-storey factory in Korangi industrial area.

The fire reportedly spread rapidly because of presence of chemicals and secondly as it was located in a congested area and apparently no safety measures were in place. There was only one exit due to which no one could go out.

This is not the first incident where innocent workers lost their lives due to inadequate safety arrangements but in the past many such incidents have occurred in industrial units particularly in Karachi owing to gross violation of labour and factories laws.

The Labour Department is mainly responsible to ensure the implementation of safety, health, environment and conducive working conditions in all industrial units through out Sindh.

Right from Secretary Labour to Labour Inspectors a huge working structure is there to implement effective labour laws but no one is held responsible for this massacre and even no impartial enquiry is conducted to catch hold of all those due to whose negligence, dereliction of duty and apathy such horrified incidents take place.

No industrial unit can work and establish unless permitted by the Labour Department after ensuring all safety measures, it’s proper location and conducive environmental conditions.

Labour inspectors, labour officers, ADs and DDs every month carries out inspection of every industrial unit in their respective area of jurisdiction but practically they don’t raise any objection on the working and safety conditions due to obvious reasons.

These growing incidents in industrial units will continue unless labour laws are properly enforced and responsible Labour authorities are not taken to task.

It’s time now to carry out comprehensive survey of all industrial units throughout Sindh and Licenses of such establishments be cancelled forthwith where proper safety, health and environment conditions are not followed as per rules.

There must be emergency exit doors, first aid medical kits and fire extinguishers to meet any emergency.

I will request the Chief Minister Sindh to order a high powered inquiry into the incident to determine and ascertain the role, negligence and pathetic approach of the Labour Department in this criminal act so that occurrence of such incidents in future could be checked.


Indian terrorism going on!

At last Pentagon along with 42(+) nations surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Recently, UNSC, called for debate to create a new government in Afghanistan (amicably) and an end of fighting.

The 15-member Council issued a statement, agreeing by consensus, after the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres appealed to the body to “use all tools at her disposal” to suppress a global terrorist threat from Taliban in response to Uncle Sam & Co, raiding on Afghanistan.

Oh! This scribe is compelled to write honestly that who will guarantee peace from creator and dropper of atomic bomb on Japanese; spent trillions in Asia with the sole help of terrorist-India-Israel and Co., for killing Muslims majorly. Even then these terrorists have not been declared openly as – terrorist — till now.

Terrorist-India, currently a non-permanent member of UNSC, chaired the recent session, as it holds routinely, do not permitted – Pakistan – to participate in this sensitive session.

Oh! Except China everybody remained mum (!) Is it not terrorism; in addition to other: had Pakistan not managed Doha meeting; sacrificed army/civilian/finance…; managed refugees; returned armed forces to Afghanistan many a time and what not.

This is not the first time that India & Co, had adopted an illustrated nonsense act against Pakistan. And this is not only compelling region, but also the world in an irreparable loss.

Since partition, India planned to continue conflict in and around Afghanistan by training terrorists in her military academies (particularly) against Pakistan. The world knows very well.

Therefore, it is time to mask on the mouth of terrorist-India & Co., like Covid-19, for controlling terrorism amongst nation/s. And, also, adhere to the UNSC’s resolutions for a plebiscite in Kashmir without further waste of time.

Otherwise, world must be ready again, for hearing dozens of voices like Hiroshima and Nagasaki for which – think tanks have been alarming again and again.

Tatrinote, AK

No street lighting

This is to draw the concerned authorities’ attention towards absence of street lights in District Shikarpur.

The entire city is almost in deplorable conditions due to stagnant water, potholes and garbage in every street.

The darkness in the streets during the night is sufficient to ensure the commission of cases of robbery and stumbling into the pools of stagnant water. Apart from it, such cases are taking place most of the time.

I am requesting the concerned authorities to kindly look into the matter and take steps for the resolution of the lighting system in the city.


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