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Shameful act at Minar-i-Pakistan

The incident at the Minar-e-Pakistan was horrifying and shameful in the extreme. However, with the nation gradually losing the sense of respect and responsibility, coupled with an extreme short memory span, it will soon forget the incident and move on, only to express similar shock and disgust again, when another such incident takes place.

And then the usual drill will be repeated, with many top officials supposedly taking notice of the incident and promising firm action, which promises will just vanish in thin air in due course. After all, what was there to stop the officials from keeping some police in a place like this.

If a policeman was present there who just fired in the air, the crowd of these cowardly animals would have just fled.

And even worse than the absence of police on such a spot was the explanation given for it by a senior government official.

In the end, the fault lies with the people who keep electing, and retaining such rulers despite their incapacity, coupled with arrogance and greed, for money, power or both.

After all, instead of taking notice of all such shameful incidents, had the PM taken notice of just one thing – the non-performance of the top Punjab official – and replaced him with a capable one, we could perhaps have been spared this disgrace.

The least the government could do was for the Prime Minister to send his top official to the lady’s house to offer an apology, to express solidarity with her, and to make sure that the culprits are given due punishment.


Illiteracy in Pakistan

Literacy plays a major role in development of a country. Illiteracy rate is high in rural areas but low in urban areas.

People in urban areas are much more conscious and aware of education. There are many causes of illiteracy in Pakistan including financial weakness unemployment, lack of educational facilities.

According to a survey ratio of poverty is almost 64% in Pakistan. People living hand to mouth force their children to earn money to support their families.


Divorce after marriage?

The ratio of divorce cases has increased enormously in recent times. Main reasons behind this includes lockdown during COVID-19, premature marriages, illiteracy, lack of patience, extramarital affairs, harsh environment, forced arrange marriages, short temperament etc.

To solve these kinds of problems we have to change our mindset as we are still living in stone age. As forced marriages are happening, girls are getting killed in the name of honour and respect

So we have to stop forced marriages and ask our generation about their choice and selection as Islam give this basic right to everyone. There should be family involved in all this matter but girl or boy should make final decision.

There should be proper grooming centres to give education to young generation about institution of marriage and choosing your partner.

Vaccination rate

Pakistan has the lowest rate of vaccination, which if not improves, can bring huge sufferings. The total rate of vaccinated people in whole country is 5%, which is far less than other countries.

Even if one were to look at the percentage of vaccinated people in eligible group, the figure is a sorry of 10% only.

There are various reasons due to which the country has lowest vaccination rate. Firstly, most of the population in country is illiterate and they are unaware regarding such vaccines.

Even if one goes to vaccinate them, they fear due to rumours about consequences and avoid vaccination. Secondly, majority of the population belongs to rural areas.

In rural areas people do not get vaccines and they cannot come to cities for vaccination. And there are many other reasons as well. So government needs to make policies to create awareness in masses.

When they become aware of the necessity of these vaccines, they will willingly get themselves vaccinated. This is the responsibility of authorities to work on new ideas to vaccinate all the population.

Awaran, Balochistan

Delayed judicial exams

On March 10, 2020 Sindh High Court announced vacancies for the post of Civil Judges, in response thousands of candidates applied for the job.

However neither the test has been conducted nor aspirants have been given any fresh update.

Those who had applied for the said post have been preparing for the test day and night while Sindh High Court is not conducting the exams.

Judicial exam is conducted in three phases i.e. screening test, written test and interview. This whole process takes almost 6 months to complete.

But now more than a year has passed and not a single test has been conducted. Due to this, candidates in high age bracket are in constant fear.
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