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Era of
digital media

In the last five years, importance of digital media has increased while importance of print and electronic media has decreased and will further decrease in the next 5-10 years since more people will shift to digital media.

People nowadays watch films, dramas, news, etc on the internet instead of TV. Almost everyone has a smart phone and hence, can watch anything anywhere any time.

With more people shifting towards digital media, advertisements will also shift from electronic and print media to digital media.

Keeping everything in view, one can easily predict further decline in that significance of print and electronic media and increase in unemployment rate in the upcoming years.

The trend is changing these days and digital media advertisement has reached Rs25 billion. Facebook and Google have earned Rs7.5 billion worth advertising business from Pakistan. Disruption has led to unemployment at workplaces and new jobs have been created.

Wars were fought by force in the past however; wars of public opinion are now being fought. We have to focus on digital media to present our perspective to the world and to develop media.

Almost every university is teaching mass communication these days. Most students join media to earn handsome salaries after completing their studies.

Most importantly, universities in Pakistan need to change their curriculum due to the growing influence of digital media. Students should also consider whether they will have a bright future as per their will after completing mass communication degree or not.


Human rights violation

Human rights are moral principles or norms that define certain standards of human behaviour and are regularly protected as legal in municipal and law.

They are ordinarily called ´inalienable fundamental rights‘ and are given to everyone irrespective of any discrimination by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). However, it is unfortunate that they are violated in Sindh on a daily basis.

Ironically, basic human rights such as the right to live, express, health and many others have been abused and denied to the people of Sindh since many years. Early marriages and child labour are too rampant.

The violation of rights is a town-talk; yet, no one is earnest to resolve the grievances of the native and protect their universal rights.

Recently, an appalling-incident of human rights violation occurred in Sehwan where a mentally disabled person was murdered by the Station House Master of Police Station Sehwan.

The victim Rashid Lashari was sitting on a bike inside SASIMS, Sehwan when police arrested him.

They took him to the police station where his body was handed over to his heirs after being brutally tortured and murdered.

Unfortunately, this is not the first.
It is all because of the running provincial government. Democracy is merely alive as there is only one ruling party by all means that forces democracy into wall imminently.

We hope the PM and judiciary protects citizens from political victimizations and ensure human rights across the country.


Child marriages

Sadly, sexual violation of underage girls, including forced child marriages is overwhelming in Zimbabwe which is strange considering the Zimbabwean president always goes to church.

The case has brought to the fore the practice of child marriage within Zimbabwe’s apostolic churches, which also allow polygamy.

It is clear that the heartless president doesn’t care about the Zimbabwean children and encourages sexual violation of underage girls.

Girls aren’t viewed as humans with their own rights and identity. The government has traditionally turned a blind eye to child marriage.

Recently, a 14-year-old girl identified as Memory Machaya died whilst giving birth at the Johanne Marange Church shrine in Bocha, Mutare.

The late Memory Machaya was forced out of school and into marriage at 13 years of age. The careless, clueless and corrupt ZANU-PF should not remain silent on this.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his reckless and irresponsible ZANU PF government should be removed from power by all means necessary to protect Zimbabwean girls.


Plight of
WWB Quetta

In 2002, Workers Welfare Board (WWB) Quetta established two branches named Workers Model Higher Secondary School boys campus and girls.

The campuses are located at a distance of 1km in Hub city’s industrial area. Though both institutions were well-equipped in the beginning, presently they are in a miserable condition.

The institutions were made by workers welfare department Quetta to educate poor children of labours who couldn’t afford private schools.

Initially, students were provided books, uniforms, shoes, bags and all scholastic stuff but since the last few years, the constant facilitation has met an end, disturbing the discipline of both branches.

Furthermore, teachers have started getting absent frequently and librarians and clerks are used as substitutes while their own duty is neglected.

Labs and experimental zones have been locked. Upon having no teacher, computer classes are always postponed. In addition, the basic needs such as water availability are yet to be provided.

There were two refrigerators with filtered and pure water at the start but nowadays teachers are compelled to buy water tanks with their own money. The washrooms are not useable due to unavailability of water.

Transportation is another major problem that students and staff of both schools are facing. Teachers and students have to commute on their own since no transportation is provided by the institutions.

Female students are being urged from to avoid public transportation by their families and students arrive late.

It is a request from students and parents to the concerned authorities and Workers Welfare Board Quetta to solve aforementioned hurdles of both branches and make availability of every facilitation certain.

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