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TikTok ban

It has now become a regular feature to frequently ban TikTok, an application widely used by middle class Pakistanis, on some pretext or another.

Is it a mere coincidence that this process of banning this Chinese Application, owned by a Chinese company Byte Dance, has started ever since it was banned by the USA Trump Administration?
As far as the contents of most American and European owned internet-based video applications are concerned they are more lethal, immoral and hate based, even Islamophobic than Tiktok, but rarely have they been banned so frequently.

Questions arise as to why TikTok is being banned so frequently in Pakistan? All these computer-based applications can be used for benefit of our society.

It is a stated American policy that they are against all Chinese investments in Pakistan, especially the CPEC.

There should be no doubt in our mind that the relationship between China and Pakistan is broad-based, sharing common strategic interests and not transactional, as we had with the US.

Over the years, numerous individuals within our paid public office holders have been beneficiaries of American largesse and their children are settled there.

Many of them have shifted their assets to their newly acquired foreign country, seeking citizenship for self or family.

The oath of Citizenship binds them to obey whatever is required to serve the American national security interests, or the interests of any country whose citizenship they acquire voluntarily.

It is in Pakistan’s national security interest not to appoint such individuals to any public office of importance, nor in any regulatory authority, or sensitive organization or diplomatic assignment.

These individuals can be liable to succumb to their conflicts of interest because of fear of prosecution, punishment or confiscation of assets.


Return of fly plague

Back in 2019, right after Eid-ul-Adha, a fly plague occurred in Karachi, causing several health problems. This plague took place in monsoon of 2019.

This year, Karachi is facing a similar problem yet again where an unbearably large amount of flies is seen in most areas. This might be the reason behind several abdominal problems and viral flu around the city.

The number of effected people is rapidly increasing, hinting the possibility of another fly plague.

We are well aware of the worsening covid-19 situation in Karachi and with the addition of another plague, severe damage could be caused.

I sincerely request the Sindh Government and DMCS to take rapid action against this issue before it gets out of hand.

I also want the civilians to acknowledge their duty towards the city and I advise them to keep their surroundings clean for the sake of the health of their loved ones.


It appears that glamour has now taken over all the attainments of Pakistani industries.

One’s worth is not realized until or unless they witness success or failure in any step neither is the government supporting in any purpose.

Arshad Nadeem, a Pakistani athlete who recently lost the Olympics but won the hearts of Pakistanis across the world, only came so far due to the efforts of his father.

Due to such submissive issues of govt funding, the Olympics gave superiority to contestants whose countries were funding or sponsoring matches.

The request is that our govt should keep eyes for talent in Pakistan and support qualifiers by funding them instead of solely glamorizing them, so that people can witness the real superiority of an athlete instead of relying on visual deceives.


Proposed draft on marriage

A Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal (MMA) MPA Syed Abdul Rasheed submitted a draft of ‘the Sindh Compulsory Marriage Act’ known as Sindh Marriage Act 2021.

This draft seeks to make marriage compulsory for people aged 18 to prevent bad deeds.

The draft states that parents of adult children have to submit an Undertaking with clear and justified reason of delay before Deputy Commissioner whose children are not being married after turning 18.

Further it is said that if parents of a child failed to give Undertaking they have to pay a fine of Rs. 500/-.

Mr Rasheed expressed the hope that members both from treasury and opposition benches would help in approving the bill for ‘progress, happiness and facilitation of positive path’ for youth of the province.

In a video statement released after submission of the proposed bill, he said that ‘societal ills, child rapes, immoral activities and crime’ were rising in the country.

“To control all of this … according to Islamic teachings, Muslim males and females have been given the right to marry after attaining puberty or after 18 years of age and fulfilling this is the responsibility of their guardians, especially their parents.”

He said that obstacles in the way of marriages such as unemployment and high costs were ‘result of distancing from Islamic teachings’.

If we follow Islamic teachings, a lot of ease and blessings will descend upon the family, he added.

Listing the steps the government could take to make the process of marriage easier, he said there should be a ban on dowry and standard operating procedures (SOPs) regarding marriage ceremonies should be added to the bill which he said would ‘end competition and lead to people adopting simplicity’.

Turbat, Balochistan


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