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Indian Christian in UN!

After going through a writing of an Indian Christian, scribe was compelled to add a few lines in his favour.

The writer writes that not only Muslims, but other minorities including low-caste Hindus are crying for justice in India. Still, UN does not care about the betterment of humanity.

A few weeks ago, an Indian Christian, in Pakistan Observer stated “Uddhav Thackeray, the CM of Maharashtra, is at his old tricks once again by not allowing us ‘Christians’ to celebrate our Sunday and weekday Masses in our Churches.

What is he up to; does he want to throw out all Christians from Mumbai and even India (?).

According to his logic, Corona-virus only increases in Catholic-churches and not in crowded malls, temples and market places – Jubel D’cruz Mumbai, India (?…)”.

One could question the presence of the UN and other humanitarian organizations that are committed to working for humanity 24/7. Another important concern is the lack of Muslim representation in this organization despite Muslims being the second largest community (1.8b) on the planet.

So let’s rearrange this organization and control terrorism that was initiated by bombing Japan by the claimers of today’s ‘civilization’ and the ones who introduced terrorism in Asia by attacking Pakistan in 1965.

And in India – a well proved terrorist-State – terrorism is going-on in one one-way or the other starting from killing of people; demolishing of Churches; Masjids… So, voice of the people, around the globe, is at the peak for giving hand-in-hand with minority/s of terrorist-India and rearrange UN as soon as possible – so that terrorism could be controlled to some extent if not totally (!).

Tatrinote, AK

Daughter Sindh

Umme Rubab Chandio, a 21-year old was born in Mehar (Dadu district). She is a law student, a social human rights activist, a fighter for justice and a public speaker who has earned the title of ‘Daughter of Sindh’.

Chandio started her fight against Sindhi feudal lords when she was 18 years old after the murder of her uncle and grandfather.

Presently, she only has one aim in life: to bring justice to her family to get the murderers by hanged.

She managed to gain not only the public’s attention but also has become a source of hope, courage and motivation for other oppressed people to raise their voices against the cruelties of feudal lords.

She is fighting against her strongest enemies without any social power. Our country is not comfort zone for lower and middle class people.

It is a country of lords and upper class. In Dadu, this painful accident (murder) took place some three years back, on 17th January 2018. The dispute broke out in between 3 leaders of Chandio family.

Umme Rubab Chandio has been seen coming in courts barefoot for the last 3 years for justice but Alas! No justice has been served. She is a brave daughter of Sindh, fearlessly fighting and undergoing woes against her enemies.

Life has been a bed of thorns for this innocent girl. May justice prevail. The limit of sorrows is lesser than happiness. Insha’Allah one day she will succeed.


in Karachi

The recent smart lockdown in Karachi from 31st July to 8th August is a good initiative taken by the government.

However, something is still missing i.e. implementation of SOPs. Despite the imposition of lockdowns, people are still neglecting SOPs. This negligence can help the spread of Covid-19.

People should be asked to strictly follow SOPs and do stay home. This war against Covid-19 is not only fought by the government fought, but the people should also participate. Only then Corona can be defeated.

Via email

FM lies

Zimbabwean Foreign Minister lies before the world that the UK deportations will not hide grave human rights abuses.

The recent heap of lies uttered by the Zimbabwean FM, Frederick Shava, will not cover up the realities of grave human rights abuses and unspeakable persecution of activists and opposition members in Zimbabwe.

The world knows the truth about the torture on political opponents, journalists, bloggers, human rights defenders and civic rights activists.

If there were no persecution in Zimbabwe, Zimbabweans would not dominate high numbers of asylum seekers in UK, South Africa, Botswana, Canada, USA and Australia.

Zimbabwean migrants and refugees are making significant population in host countries such as South Africa, UK, Canada and Australia.

President Mnangagwa is really at fault to appoint this careless, clueless and chaotic Foreign Minister, whose media claims leave listeners questioning his sanity and while struggling to understand the meaning of persecution.

The world, particularly countries burdened by Zimbabwean refugees and asylum seekers, should pressurize President Mnangagwa to address the push factors of Zimbabweans and stop persecuting Zimbabweans as these people ended up being refugee and asylum seeker in other countries such as South Africa and United Kingdom, Botswana, Namibia and New Zealand.


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