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Subsidy for the Utility Stores

The government has decided to immediately provide Rs. 6 billion subsidy to the Utility Stores Corporation. This will help bring down the prices of essential commodities. But this seems to be merely wastage of tax payers money. No body goes to the Utility Stores because presence of other super stores. Usually buyers complain about availability of defective and substandard items on sale in Utility Stores.
Here question arises where this huge amount go? By mean of releasing this amount the government wants to provide relief to common man. But on the other hand this is also a bitter fact that these stores are located mainly in cities only. Consumers of remote areas may not take benefit of this facility.
For the price control the government should adopt certain measures and mechanism. For this writ of the government is required which is lacking at present. With the help of the provincial governments, price control committees should work actively.

PUBG addiction

Online multiplayer game, PUBG is common in Pakistan. There are various action games which are psychologically harmful. Children who play violent games are more likely to have elevated war-like notions, sentiments and behaviours and are not inclined towards helping others. The World Health Organisation in 2018 declared gaming addiction as a mental health disorder. Addiction to video games increases depression and anxiety levels. Known outcome of playing PUBG is strain on the eyes, frazzle, migraine, obesity, poor sleep and more. Psychological health issues are there too such as depression, insomnia and even substance abuse as a result of compulsive disorder. I don’t understand why people are wasting so much time uselessly. People should use their time wisely because in the end we might just not have enough of it. There is a difference between your virtual and real life. For addicts, it can be difficult to separate the two. It is crucial that you do not let gaming environment interfere with your personal life. Plus, in gaming worlds like PUBG, things can get competitive and turn unhealthy and this makes it more dangerous than any other addiction. It impacts your decision-making skills.

Kashmir – Neglected

It has been more than a hundred days since the blackout in India-occupied Kashmir. Sadly, it isn’t a hard story for our mainstream media any more. Has the curfew been lifted? Is movement free and secure for the locals there? Has the world jumped in to resolve this issue?
If the answer to all of these questions is still no, why has our media forgot the concept of agenda setting or agenda framing? With a weeping and bleeding heart, I am unable to sleep with the thought of terrified mothers, dying infants and deafening shrieks of silence in Kashmir. Though, this is not an article for an eminent writer to find a place on the front page, I hope it will push the Kashmir-related stories a little forward, towards the front page. At least, our pens should not abandon Kashmir.

Minority Rights

This refers to the editorial “Babri Masjid verdict”(10 November): the last mask from secular India’s face has fallen down, unveiling the ugly face of justice, the last nail has been hammered in the secular coffin of India by its apex court.
Those who portray India as the world’s largest democracy must hang down their heads in shame. Democracy is what has been demonstrated at Kartarpur by giving a red carpet welcome to the Sikh community. But Muslims are the sole target of extremism in India. Marginalizing an oppressed minority qualifies for terrorism, the world must pay heed to this gigantic issue.

Youth and Politics

Political participation by citizens is the keystone of all successful democratic societies. This is especially important in countries with large youth populations as young people’s involvement in the democratic process is instrumental for creating peaceful, vibrant and responsive political structures. However, the mere existence of electoral politics does not translate into effective youth participation; in fact, this should be complimented with recognized representative bodies of young people to provide them with constructive platforms to participate in or influence the democratic process. Pakistan has seen a gradual disintegration of political space for vocal young people to become career politicians or to present their demands before democratically elected representatives.
In recent years, the strengthening of democracy in Pakistan has been accompanied by an exponential increase in the population of young people who are politically conscious and increasingly vocal about their rights and needs: it is estimated that almost 46% of Pakistan’s total electorate comprises young people. While the transition towards permanent representative bodies to formally channelize the energy and dynamism of young people is still underway, mainstream political parties have increasingly started attracting younger voters through traditional (membership drives) and non-traditional (social media) means.
Hence, empowerment of youth must necessary in politics of Pakistan. This is the biggest responsibility of all political parties of Pakistan to give a golden chance to youngsters and should transfer a good political thinking in next election campaign, after the election 2018, young people and members of newly formed youth parliamentary caucuses at federal and provincial levels.
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APCRA demands revocation of ban on Shisha

All Pakistan Café and Restaurant Association Karachi organized a press conference at Karachi Press Club on Friday. Speaking on the occasion, the APCRA Chief, Advocate Shafiq Ahmed, said that in developed countries, Shisha smoking is common in Café and Restaurants, thus generating a large amount of revenue for their country.
Advocate Shafiq Ahmed said since smoking is injurious to health, government should ban sale of cigarettes because cigarettes are more dangerous than Shisha. APCRA demands the Sindh government that it (government) should revoke ban on Shisha in cafés and restaurants, make legislation on Shisha according to WHO rules and it will be helpful to generate income and it will increase job opportunities for the people as well.
100 days of lock-down

More than 100 days have elapsed and international conscious is still in deep slumber. The apathy of Muslim world alone is highly regrettable. Those who spend millions of dollars on saving animals are deaf and dumb on severe breach of human rights in India-occupied Kashmir. Kashmiris are spread all over the world and are quite well off; they must raise voice against Indian atrocities, abrogation of special status of the valley and cut-off of internet and other communication services.
They must join hands not to make a human chain but for presenting their case in International Court of Justice to defeat Hindutva whose hegemony has been established in India by Babri Masjid verdict. It is time to raise head, lest it’s too late.

Clean and green environment

There are small steps everyone can take to bring about a bigger change. Stop burning your garbage. If someone in your vicinity is doing that please stop them and throw garbage in a proper waste disposal bin. Avoid unnecessary bonfires this winter. Prevent BBQ parties at home and restaurants. Please don’t order it in any restaurant because low-quality coal is burnt which again adds up to the already polluted environment.
Plant as many as possible trees in your house which act as natural cleaners, especially Aloevera or hang it in your windows and terrace if you don’t have a garden. Do not go out unnecessarily and drive less. Try to use a car that has a catalytic converter. Try to carpool with your friends or colleagues to schools, colleges and workplaces.

Mosquito menace

I shall be very thankful to you if you allow me to express my opinion about the mosquito menace in our locality. After the heavy rain, the water stagnates in the drains and narrow lanes of our locality. Mosquitoes breed over the stagnant water. They spread several diseases like malaria, dengue and chikungunya. The residents lead a miserable life as the passage from one street to the other is blocked and the movement of the people is curtailed.
The roads in this locality are full of potholes and big ditches which allow stagnation of water. Thus, mosquitoes breed over them. The roads in our locality have not been repaired for the last three years. Thus, the potholes became a breeding ground for the mosquitoes. The residents have to face the mosquito menace. People live under the fear of dengue, a dangerous disease.
I, therefore, request the concerned authorities to repair the street lanes and roads immediately so that the mosquitoes so not breed over the stagnant water. The street drains should be repaired so that the water flows out. Chemicals should be sprinkled at the various spots to check the breeding of mosquitoes. I hope that immediate and effective steps will be taken to solve the problem.
Wah Cantt

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