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Restore Quaid’s Pakistan

Pakistan has suffered enough ever since we diverted from Quaid’s vision that Pakistan should be a modern democratic welfare state where all citizens would have equal opportunities, laws and constitution would be supreme and fundamental rights assured.

This country was not created to provide sanctuary to extremists, exploiting sectarian and ethnic divide, for perpetuating their greed for power, nor a country to be a haven for land mafia and cartels involved in black-marketing and hoarding, nor to fight proxy wars for others.

This country was created through a democratic political struggle waged by politicians with integrity, unwilling to submit to temptations of allotment of lands and assets.

It was expected that the Muslim majority would incorporate the Islamic concept of justice, tolerance, meritocracy, pursuit of knowledge in science & technology, economics and welfare for all in Constitution. MAJ elaborated this on 11 August 1947.

Instead, what we have witnessed is exploitation of religion and a system based on the legacy of colonial laws with a paid bureaucracy created by Raj to serve the interests of an occupying colonial power, conspiring to ensure that modern welfare state, where the will of people reigns supreme does not emerge.

Half the country was lost, when Pakistan under a debauched dictator refused to hand over power to the elected representatives on one pretext or another.

A country created through a political process for the establishment of a modern democratic welfare state was derailed by opportunists exploiting religion and today we face danger of chaos.


Myth of atheism

The existence of God – the Magnificent – is the ultimate Truth and tangible Reality of this universe.

He is the All-Knowing and Master of this humungous workshop before our eyes. His creations and the wonders of human existence hold the ground of His Existence.

But unfortunately, the increasing reliance on the scientific empiricism and experiments have led the humanity astray. It has diverted man from his ultimate Benefactor.

Nowadays, another prevalent spook of atheism is trending in our society. From the metropolitan cities to the interior cities of the Sindh and Punjab, people are instantly modernizing themselves as atheists hopelessly denying their own existence on the face of this earth.

They are ready to be in discord with their Creator making their life an unpardonable offence.

One may say that despite having the greatest wonder of this world – their mind, they are denying the purpose of their creation and existence on this pale blue dot. Any logical being having the senses and intellect can not dare deny the identity of Lord.

Implicitly, one, being a rational and logical, can easily prove the existence of God. Take a look around you.

Don’t you see the working of all human beings, the day being converted to night and vice versa.

Are these impassable and undiscovered roots of this unending universe deniable? Is it possible to say that this huge mechanism of universe is working without any Powerful Entity?

The logical answer which strikes to human mind is no. Let’s reflect upon our daily life and scientific research. Can a person be begotten without father? Could the technology and giant vehicles come into existence without their manufacturer? If everything present on the surface of this earth has a creator so how come this beautiful universe come into being without any Manufacturer. Even the logic itself refutes the argument.


World Population Day

11 July was observed as World Population Day across the world to raise awareness about the reproductive health needs and susceptibilities.

In 2007, United Nation projected that in 2050 Pakistan will move to 5th place with around 292 million people, but it is alarming to note that UN’s projection became true in 2021 almost 29 years earlier.

Not only in Pakistan but all over the world this growth is successively increasing which is not good for any country.

Because no country has graduated from “developing” status to “developed” in the last sixty years without first reducing population growth.

It has been observed that the countries that have balanced population, crime rate is very low in such regions. But where people are not provided with the basic necessities, it elevates crime rate.

Overpopulation exacerbates many social and environmental factors, including overcrowded living conditions, pollution, malnutrition and inadequate or non-existent healthcare, which wreak havoc on the poor and has increased their likelihood of being exposed to infectious disease.

Approximately 350,000 women die each year due to pregnancy-related causes, despite recent improvement and international commitments to reducing maternal mortality.

So lowering fertility rate by increasing the use of family planning helps reduce pregnancy-related deaths and population growth.

This year the World Population Day theme focuses on importance of the reproductive health and rights for all people, that is, “Rights and Choices are the answer: whether baby boom or bust, the solution to shifting fertility rate lies in prioritizing the reproductive health and rights of all people.

So there is a dire need on national and international level to reduce population because not every growth is inspiring and beautiful if it hampers our home.


Appeal to Interior Minister

As recently Federal Investigation Agency FIA announced 1148 various catogeriesed vacancies in the country to fill them out within four provinces of the country for which more than one million people cleared their online registration through FIA online portal.

So here the vacancies are categorised into various steps to fill them on open merits like Inspector, Assistance Sub-Inspector, Constable and many more which are needed to be filled.

For instance, first step is physical exercise, along weight and height of the candidates, if they will have been selected, then go for the written test.

Likewise, there are so many candidates who applied for the vacancies from Makran Division Balochistan which is far from the capital city of the province.

Since most of them belong to middle class families so it is tough for them to bear the cost of travelling to the capital city for the physical test, if they don’t complete the requirements of the physical test, obviously they will be rejected from the beginning without sitting in written examination.

For this reason, they face many problems about their financial condition to come back without any good consequences.

Therefore, it is the kind request to the Interior Minister to bring this concern into the test taking members of FIA to conduct the physical examination in any district of Makran division so that the aspiring candidates can feel comfortable to not face any bad consequences without not being selected. Hope the honourable Minister will listen!
Turbat, Makran

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