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Online tuition

Education is an important part in everyone’s life yet world is going to be more competitive than past years that enhance tuition needs.

Nowadays, people move towards technological side like usage of computers, laptops, and mobile phones.

In past decades school/university students joined home tuition and used to have less interest in technological tools. No doubt more than half of students are stuck in physical tuition due to feasibility and reliability.

Meanwhile, Online tuition increases technological knowledge and experience. However, it reduces reliability in terms of hiring other persons to do their assignments and quizzes for them.

Thus quality gap increases between physical and online tuitions with decreasing knowledge and experiences.

In addition, creativity is also affected when gap between online and physical tuition is enhanced.

It has opposite influence as compared to quality. Although online learning reduces quality, it promotes creativity.

Hence, young generation should take benefit of online system but also give due attention to personal grooming.

Selecting the way of learning depends on preferences of individuals, yet students still feel comfortable in physical tuition. Effective learning and feasibility of physical tuitions encourages them to rely on this method.

Daharki, Sindh

Women empowerment

Women empowerment is not only about accepting women’s viewpoints and opinions but also raising the status of women through education, awareness, literacy, training and giving them equal opportunities in every field.

In previous decades women rights were not even considered the subject of discussion yet gladly in today’s world women empowerment got deserved spotlight. Not only women but also men are also taking part in these conversations.

And to keep that going parents must teach their daughters that if they are in an abusive relationship, they should be free to pursue things they want to achieve, all their goals and aspirations because women also have the right to make a choice for themselves.


Don’t make fun

Many people in the country still think that Covid-19 is a hoax and is not dangerous. And they upload funny videos on social media to encourage people not to follow SOPs. Actually it is ignorance in some people.

People should not believe in such videos and follow SOPs strictly so that we can fight against the deadly virus Covid-19. Because following SOPs is the only way to control the virus.

We must be strict in this regard and so is government so that this viral infection is brought under immediate control.


Violent gangs

The well-trained and violent gangs have almost made it impossible to breathe peacefully. These well-armed gangs are indulged in all social crimes, be it smuggling, robberies or kidnapping foreigners for ransom.

Even though police have done their best to apprehend these gangs, the gangs are well-armed and can escape easily.

According to some sources, these violent gangs have the backing of tribal chiefs that equip them to continue showing their sheer inhumanity on people.

Additionally, they too succeeded in killing two tribesmen who were said to be police informers.

It is high time that concerned authorities eliminate this decades-old problem that has destroyed the peace of general public across the country.

Kech, Balochistan

CCE conundrum

Honourable Sindh High Court Hyderabad bench has scrapped combined competitive examination (CCE-18) conducted by Sindh Public Service Commission.

Previously honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan set aside results of CCE-13 rendering all 226 allocated officers jobless and frustrated.

This time future of 235 hangs in limbo. This begets the question, is it really misfortune of candidates of Sindh or is there a greater scheme at play? It’s a pity that talented youth of Sindh has to suffer such a fate. Hopefully justice will prevail and future of affected officers will be saved in time!
Hyderabad, Sindh

of intellect

Israel a country of just 9 million people almost rules over 427m Arabs. How a country having a population of one-third of Karachi brought entire Muslim countries on there knees? Israel’s strength is not in its weaponry but it’s their well-nurtured thinking that leads them to superiority.

They have proved that brain rules over brawn and for producing it, they built thousands of schools, colleges, universities and libraries with skilled and devoted staff.

This is the reason their generation wants to be Albert Einstein, Neil Bohr, Ralph Wald, Paul Samuelson and other such names in physics, philosophy, technology and medicine etc.

If we compare them with our youth, they just want to copy actions of Salauddin Ayoubi and Ertugrual Ghazi.

That’s why we are one of the backward nations, nothing to do with development of science and technology.


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