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Child soldiers

Coming soon after retention of Pakistan on the FATF grey list, despite complying with 26 of the 27 conditions, the US decision does not come as a surprise either.

After all, Imran Khan’s unequivocal declaration not to give bases to US in Pakistan – one right decision he made – was bound to have costs.

These measures – with more to come in future – are all part of tactics to pressure Pakistan into submission.

As for Turkey, the country has been punished for refusing to cancel acquisition of S-400 missile system from Russia.

Another irritant for Joe Biden is our close association with China that has proved a worthy and reliable ally all along.

Unfortunately, Joe Biden who, at the ripe old age of 78, ought to have more sense than passion, is trying to re-establish US as a world leader – which position it is fast losing out to China – and wants us to ditch China and become a US slave again, like we did in the past.

And while our association with the United States brought us some financial benefits, this was wiped out many times over by nearly seventy thousand lives lost and over $ 100 billion loss to infrastructure caused by our association with the so-called ‘US war on terror’ which actually proved to be a war of terror unleashed by the US on us, together with Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

And while the US leaders were squandering their human and financial resources in these inhuman and brutal invasions of Muslim countries, China went ahead improving its strength and helping the world link up through its ‘Belt and Road’ project.

In fact, even some of the European countries, which previously followed US blindly, have refused to obey US dictates.

If Joe Biden can’t offer the ailing humanity a healing touch, at least he should not make things worse.


FATF and Pakistan

As rightly pointed out by Sameer D.M’ in his letter of 29th June, the FATF has decided to keep Pakistan on its grey list for another year despite the fact that we met 26 of the 27 criteria for exclusion. Countries that have complied with fewer conditions have been taken off the grey list.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has accused India of manipulating the FATF for its own political purposes. He questioned whether the FATF was a professional entity or a political one.

We are ourselves responsible for painting our country as corrupt in speeches inside Parliament and on TV talk shows.

Our own leaders brazenly refer to $200 billion ‘looted’ from the country. Ex-US President Trump tried to blacklist Pakistan in 2018.

After the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and Pakistan’s refusal to provide the US with further airbases, the US government has retaliated by keeping us in the FATF grey list.

France has sided with them in this decision. Our inclusion in this list has cost us $35 billion over the last three years.

India’s status with the FATF has not been affected despite the fact that RAW has been financing bomb blasts in Karachi, Balochistan and as recently as last week in Johar Town, Lahore.

Two individuals were even arrested for uranium smuggling in Mumbai. In a rare show of support for India, the FATF has said this will be investigated after Corona virus levels subside in the country.

The question arises as to why there are double standards when it comes to the finance watchdog’s listing status for Pakistan vis-a-vis that for India.

It is an unfortunate reality that we will continue to be bullied as long as we are economically weak and dependent on the West.


Media and Balochistan

Print and electronic media plays a crucial role in providing people important information, news besides entertainment.

I wish to highlight the fact that generally media ignores Balochistan issues such as financial crisis, water scarcity, law & order situation and serious issue like inadequacy of educational facilities.

People of Balochistan are peaceful and hospitable yet media is not disseminating real picture in other parts of country as a result people have little knowledge about Balochistan’s national contribution in all walks of life.

So may I draw media attention to focus on these serious matters and provide extensive coverage to what’s going on in Balochistan including violations of human rights.

Turbat, Balochistan

Cut down street crimes

Street crimes have become a major issue in the country, encountered by several people daily in every city.

In Karachi, these unbearable activities are going regularly. As on Monday last muggers killed four people and ran away with cash and mobile phones in Lyari.

Such crimes portray negative images for law enforcement and showcase weakness of police.

If such criminals were not caught and duly punished today others could also join them tomorrow and situation could become a nightmare for poor citizens.

It is not too late as there is time to counter such activities so that citizens can live and walk peacefully.


Testing services

Provincial Public Service Commission conducts their respective examinations only in major cities or divisions due to which aspirants face a number of problems in order to have their test.

Many of the candidates do not appear in exams after submitting their forms for test because o exam centres lying in far off areas which they don’t afford.

One of the key reasons of low attendance in these tests is that these examinations take a week or two to complete for which the people from small towns and cities have no other options but to travel for three to four hours regularly or to find a place to stay nearby.

So the provincial government is requested to set up more testing services in the province.

Turbat, koshkalat

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