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Expected Covid fourth wave

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has widely shaken all the roots of the whole life. It has affected about 200 countries with more than 67 million confirmed cases and 1.5 million deaths across the global including Pakistan. Recently, there has been a talk of the fourth wave of the virus.

It is a bolt from the blue for the whole nation. Fearing that country might face another wave of Coronavirus, all countries need to review their strategies now” said Dr Michal J.Rayan member of (WHO).

However, we have seen a big improvement with regard to Coronavirus cases. We can say that it is a consequence of following (SOPS) and official instructions. It is a time to retain the ratio of corona cases in country.

There is no fait-accompli except to get vaccinated or following the SOPs as laid down adroitly by the PTI government.

Notwithstanding, people are showing their poor attitude towards the pandemic. It seems that they are deprived from official instructions or unaware from its grave destruction. It is evident that no vaccine can give 100 percent protection.

Sukkur Sindh

LG and democratic state

I may kindly be permitted to avail your precious space to point out an amazing situation in relation to the Constitution of Pakistan and State.

The absence of elected local governments in the country has turned the constitution dysfunctional and the State incomplete to that extent.

The student unions and local governments are considered nurseries of democracy, but both are inoperative for long in our society.

Pakistan’s constitution 1973 stands on three pillars of the State i.e., Judiciary, Legislature and Executive.

Whereas the constitution further defines three tiers of governance like elected federal government and parliament, elected provincial government and assembly as well as elected local body and council.

Thus, the elected local government is a mandatory component of the State. Unluckily, Pakistan lacks an elected local body for a considerable time.

In the present situation, neither the Constitution is functional, nor the State is complete in respect of elected local governments, therefore the situation is alarming.

In fact, our aristocratic political establishment does not want to share power with its lower middle and working class political workers.

The leadership of political parties seems to be reluctant to transform the society from bureaucracy to democracy and transfer of autonomy to the grass root level. The institution of local government is the only viable tool to achieve this goal.

At present, the provincial cabinet and bureaucracy enjoys the benefits of provincial autonomy granted by the constitution under 18th amendment.

The larger public interest requires the implementation of Article 140-A of the constitution in letter and spirit in framing the local government laws.

It is high time for the workers of political parties to rise to the occasion and pressurise their leadership to hold local bodies elections without further loss of time.

Social comparison with peers

Social comparison is a self-evaluation or a self-comparison with others in a community.

When a person is outperformed by peers in a relevant or irrelevant domain, its effect on them either in positive or negative manner is felt.

When people think they are perceive to be superior in comparison with others this is called upward and when they perceive to be inferior with someone comparison is called downward.

Social comparison may be harmful or beneficial to humans. It all depends upon the mental condition of a person.

Happy people do not pay so much attention to how well others people are doing; they are less vulnerable to the situation; but sad people are in a state of depression, stress and anxiety. They have more chances to compare themselves to other people.

Neither situation is relevant or irrelevant. And they feel worse when they consider others are better performers or have more opportunities in their life. All these things badly affect their behaviour and they show destructive emotions.

Social media also plays a crucial role in this situation for example good looks, lean body, fair colour, better body shape and weight all these things show or promote in an advertisement.

Its effects are worse on all those persons who do not have all these so-called social beauty standards.

So, positive thinking psychological therapy is the best way to eradicate social comparison.

Everyone has different circumstances so rather than comparing with others in every situation you just have the ability to do good, put all your efforts and strength, stay positive without comparing with other peers.

It is enough to cope with every situation; otherwise you have a lot of troubles, difficulties and destructive emotional behaviour which is not yours but your choice of thinking. So, this decision is just yours to decide how to spend your life.


Doctors’ Day

Doctors’ Day was celebrated in India on July 1. Doctors are special to us, and the last two years was where we have seen them as our real-life heroes.

Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to thank all the heroes in our medical fraternity for their selfless contribution.

The doctors, nurses and the entire hospital staff are putting long hours and working round the clock as the world is gripped with this dangerous pandemic.

National Doctors’ Day is observed to pay heed towards the medical doctors’ role and responsibilities in saving lives. The day is supposed to recognise their functions and obligations.

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak when the instances have elevated tremendously, the doctors have been working 24×7 risking their own lives and desperately making an attempt to save several lives.

Instead of thinking about their own safety and their family’s safety, they chose to serve the nation.

Kudos to their spirit and dedication that they continued to work untiringly in the hour of crisis.

In India, Doctors’ Day is celebrated to honour the legendary Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was also the second CM of West Bengal.

Mumbai, India

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