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FATF concerns

FATF (Financial Action Task Force) decision to keep enlisting Pakistan in grey list really disappointed many.

No doubt, Pakistan has, without any delay, been working on FATF’s given 27 points, out of which it has successfully complied with 26. It seems the state is committed to complying with all conditions without any reluctance.

After all, instead of making it retained at the “Increased monitoring list” it should have removed it from the list in motivation of what it achieved before. Nevertheless, Pakistan should be working on remaining points with patience in order to earn a soft-image internationally.

Dasht Kuddan

Enough of your natakgiri, Mr Thackeray

We have had enough of Mr. Uday Thackeray’s natakgiri. It’s high time now he gave permission to the railways to resume local trains for the general public which had stopped plying in the fourth week of March 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

During the last 18 months of the lockdown, people have lost their permanent jobs and companies have closed down.

Now they (including myself) have nothing to eat and are living on black tea and dry bread daily in order to survive.

Even the free ration that was announced by the CM for the months of April, May and June 2021 have not been given to people, including myself.

Why make empty promises when they cannot be fulfilled? It is taking the common man for a ride.

Mumbai, India

Threats of Urbanization

During last monsoon, we observed the phenomenon of urban flooding in Karachi. Unusual rains flooded almost whole of the city.

The level of rain water raised nearly five to six feet in most of the city and in a few parts of the city it was nearly ten feet.

The actual problem was that the city’s drainage infrastructure choked and its main reason was the over population. The natural drain of this terrain, the Malir River, was badly choked because of illegal constructions.

The city authorities totally remained unconcerned on these illegal acts and the people of Karachi have to pay the price. If we look at these things closely, we find many such things in other big cities like Faisalabad.

Faisalabad, the third largest city of Pakistan, is a metropolitan with an urban population of more than four million. This is the first planned city of Pakistan and once was a well-managed city.

When its architecture was designed by Sir Ganga Ram in 1904, the main objective was to establish a big grain market in the area. Later on, this city became a major industrial hub which accelerated its growth.

As a big city it needs a lot of facilities but unluckily due to lack of planning, the intensity of problems is increasing with increasing population. These are the problems of urbanization.

As far as Faisalabad is concerned, it is facing all types of issues of urbanization. Pollution, over-population, heaps of litter, epidemics, drinking water, un-managed traffic, lack of health and education facilities are issues of urbanization. The question is what are the solutions? A one-word answer is a better ‘administration’.

But how? Simply, in my opinion, the formation of local governments. Unfortunately, all the elected governments ignored them. This is the best solution and this will have to be adopted.


Kashmore needs library

Kashmore is an important district of Sindh. It connects many cities of Pakistan to one another.

The town has given many talented people and bureaucrats to Pakistan. Most of people from this town are educated and those are pride of Pakistan.

Having many issues, people are suffering from trying times to live. But in this competitive era, youths, more importantly, need a library.

Because town does not have any library where students can study instead of sitting loiteringly.

Owing to have no library, students have to face hardships during their studies. All surrounding villages of the town have their direct connection to the town for education.

But due to Library problem, students face a lot of problems. Students, and many other segments of society brought this fact to the authorities concerned through social media, but, unfortunately, no proper positive reply has yet been given by them.

Kashmore has, unfortunate, political leaders those who are quiet despite seeing various social problems and issues.

Youths of Kashmore wants library to save their valuable time for future that can lift Pakistan up. Students of the said town demand especial look in the said matter. All higher authorities especially CM Sindh and head of Literacy Department must look into the matter very earnestly.

Kashmore/ Sindh

Rape issues

This is with reference to the controversial Imran Khan’s statement regarding a highly sensitive issue of rape which was targeted towards women.

I was offended by the comments made by the prime minister and felt that he had been partially incapable of bringing the key points on women safety to limelight.

As a student of International Relations and Politics and having completed my bachelors from University of London, I have gained enough insight and knowledge on social issues being faced by Pakistani society and the world in general.

I think I can contribute a lot to this debate as I have been writing to different newspapers since 2016 regarding social issues and other hot topics.

I have dealt with women from different strata of society and have practical suggestions that can actually improve the safety of women, especially since the rape cases have risen manifold.

I have written an Article in which I’ve put forth the question whether clothing is the actual problem that causes rape in our society? I would request you to publish it in your newspaper. The article includes key points of improvement for the safety of the women and is backed by a thorough research.


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