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Switzerland of Pakistan

Kumrat is a valley in the Upper Dir District of KP. The valley is mostly covered with white carpet (snow) melting into gushing water of falling streams bringing down the temperature into cold weather (10-15°C) even in hot summer in other parts of the country. The rich green environment of the Valley is a treat to watch and behold. The hovering clouds touching the snow on high-peak mountains while the reflection of mild sunlight from the snow increases visual range which makes it easy for the tourists to see the movement of small objects in far off areas even without a telescope.
The forming of clouds and light shower of rainfall almost every evening in the valley brings the temperature even further down. Panjkora river, Jazz Banda and Katora Lake are included in the most beautiful parts of Kumrat. The river Panjkora and foggy mounds and forests are attractions of the region, which serve as habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. Jahaz Banda is surrounded by snow-clad mountains, towering trees and green pastures. Katora Lake is fed by the surrounding melting glacier waters.
Many tourists have complained about the non-availability of mobile phone networks in Kumrat. They say that mobile companies have not installed their towers in the area. The road leading to Kumrat is also rough which creates a huge issue for tourists visiting there. The tourism department could provide a temporary mobile phone network to tourists as it had provided in other tourist resorts. The KP government should rebuild a road to Kumrat.

Babri mosque verdict

Apropos your editorial Babri Mosque verdict, the last mask from secular India’s face has fallen down unveiling the ugly face of justice, this time. The last nail has been hammered in the secular coffin of India by her apex court. Such a decision was expected keeping in view the trail of incidents taking place during the last few months in India-occupied Kashmir. It is undoubtedly travesty of justice that a land where a mosque remained built for hundreds of years was not only desecrated and demolished but its land has now been granted to a group professing Hindutva.
Those who portray India as world’s largest democracy must hang their heads in shame. Democracy is what has been demonstrated at Kartarpur by giving red carpet welcome to Sikh community coming from all over the world. But Muslims are the sole target of extremism in India. Marginalizing an oppressed and suppressed minority qualifies for terrorism. The world must pay heed to this gigantic issue. Menial jobs are offered to them and are treated as second rated citizen and now Supreme Court has given verdict against their worship place. They are left with no forum to complain for their rights. However, there is a law of nature which comes into action when tyranny exceeds limits.

A note about Sindh

Sindh is one of the oldest civilisations on this green planet. It was founded between 3300 and 1300 BC. This beautiful and civilised territory was devastated by Aryan invaders. They allowed own culture. In Central Asia, Hinduism was created by Aryans. For a long time, they ruled over Sindh. Muslims came into power when Muhammad bin Qasim fought a war against Raja Daahir and conquered Sindh in 710 CE.
In fact, Sindh was the gateway of Islam into the India subcontinent. This territory has passed from different zones and has seen a number of heinous circumstances. From both early 16 and 18 centuries, Sindh was incorporated by Mughal empire. They have had ruled over Sindh for a long time. Finally, the highness and destiny of Mughal Empire saw their decline. This prestige of Mughal was changed by Kalhora. They defeated Mughal and took all power from Mughal Empire. Now in Sindh, there was government of Kalhora. They transferred their highness to Durranis, who were well-known for their astuteness and intellectuality.
Plausibly, a chunk of powerful destinies smelled essence of Sindh. Kalhora destiny was overthrown by Talpur. They had defeated in the battle of Halani. Talpurs settled in Khairpur Mirs. There, they had built a number of historical and beautiful palaces. Among all, one of them is Faiz Mahal. This is a great site to be visited for once in life. It is very fascinating heritage place located in once princely state. It was fabricated by Sohrab Khan when he returned from Iran. Like me, if someone gets amusement having visited antique heritage, then it is obligated to visit once princely state.

Chandni Chowk signals

It is amazing how government has installed so many signals in Chandni Chowk, Rawalpindi, only to keep them as dead as a post. Murree road is the busiest road of Rawalpindi. But alas, despite having numerous signals, more than two traffic police posts and tens of wardens, this road remains an unparalleled example of mismanagement.
Government is requested to rip off the signal poles to make the road a little broader, since those signals never work. People are also requested to use their civic traffic sense on this road.

Right solution of IoK

I want to raise a question: are the strikes and protests against the Indian army the solution for the Kashmir issue? Surely not! If the shutter-down strikes and protests were the solution to any serious problems, then we would have already seen some international traction. The situation seems to be at a halt with nothing happening apart from Pakistani protest.
Burning tires on roads, closing down shops, raising slogans against the Indian occupation forces in Pakistan, is not going to pressure India. So for that, we need to raise our voice at the UN and other such relevant organizations. We need to make the international community aware of the brutalities the Indian occupation forces are committing against the innocent Kashmiris. Shouting in Pakistan will not resolve the grave issue of Kashmir.
If we really have love and affection for the Kashmiris, then we ought to write appropriate and informative articles like Imran Khan who wrote an article in The New York Times to make the other countries and organizations aware of the Kashmir issue. Besides this, we should urge influential countries to help resolve the Kashmir issue. Kashmiris have been undergoing Indian atrocities for long.

Balochistan woes

The PTI government, Mr. Imran Khan, passed sweet statements about Balochistan before the election as he uttered to eradicate poverty in Balochistan. But Balochistan is deprived of governmental attention yet. Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind blamed the political leaders of Balochistan who are always looting the funds instead of spending them to the people.
In fact, Balochistan is known as the Golden Province, on the contrary, it is deprived of its own resources. Leave all the other minerals, take the example of gas which is taped in Balochistan but only 2% of it is given to Quetta city and the rest of it is taken to the other provinces. I request the PM Imran Khan to treat us the way that others are treated because we are also Pakistani. Balochistan highly needs the attention of the government.

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