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Covid-19 and its challenges

It may sound premature to talk about the ‘thereafter’ when the covid-19 waves are raging. But it isn’t really too early.

As the Covid-19 experience has shown, we were least prepared to face a health emergency. Currently, Pakistan lacks even the legal basis for declaring a national health emergency.

What we have learned from Covid-19 experience is to prepare ourselves better for our future.

Who knows when and from where the next pandemic or for what matter if any other kind of health emergency, will hit us and how dangerous it will be? It doesn’t seem Covid-19 will end anymore or maybe it is the last pandemic.

Low poor countries are pushed back while rich countries are being vaccinated against the virus.
Is it a pair? No, there is unequal distribution.

But now the vaccine itself is dangerous. Wow! The people who used to vaccinate themselves to be free against the virus are dying due to the vaccination. I myself don’t know whether it is true or not.

But I hope the government will work on this. The government should set up a National Commission on Health which should undertake quick review and provide healthcare to all.

Pakistan’s pride

Pakistani Fakhr-ul-Tahseen and dental technologist Rabia Zulfiqar have written a book on practical dentistry, making her the youngest Pakistani author on the subject to write book in one year.

The book, titled Rabia’s Manual of Prosthodontics, was published in 2017 and is launching its second edition soon. It is shelved in Pakistan’s largest library, Quaid-i-Azam Library, Bagh-e-Jinnah, Lahore.

Rabia says that she has written the book to make the dental community especially dental technologists, proud.

There is a misconception that they cannot progress in dentistry and they do not have any future.

She says that her book is based on her own experience in the dental laboratory. This is very helpful for both dental technologists and dental surgeons who do not easily understand the procedures of the dental laboratory.

She started writing during her graduation when she felt difficulty in gaining practical experience as there was no one to guide during practice.

She then decided to write a book to provide guidance to the students and there was no one in Pakistan who had covered the same subject.

This is the first specified book for dental technologists. She further says that people thought that prosthodontics is very dry subject to understand but I have taken it as challenge and completed my book. This is the first book on dental technology in history.

Rabia Zulfiqar, in 25 years of age has graduated from King Edward Medical University (KEMU) Lahore as a Dental Technologist.

She is the first medical student from her area and the first medical graduate from her family.

She received more than 100 certificates of education, sports and social welfare during her graduation. She has also published seven international research publications.

She has three years of experience and started her dental practice during in studies due to his enthusiasm and passion. She worked as a reviewer in Indian and British research journals.

She is currently working as a research associate at The Spire, an international research incubator and promoting research culture.

It is also preserved in the King Edward Medical Library and other medical libraries in Lahore and Islamabad.

She was the founder and president of the Dental Health Awareness Programme at KEMU, Lahore which is aimed to provide the free dental examination and free oral hygiene guidance services at several schools in Lahore. Rabia Zulfiqar is the proud of All Dental Community especially Technologists.


Social inclusion through Internet

Internet has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Today, internet access and a mobile phone is all that is needed to have your voice heard.

Social inclusion of the underprivileged communities was difficult before internet was invented.

Who would have imagined that internet will play such a pivotal role in the way we lead our lives?
In Pakistan, we have seen how quickly we had to adopt to online education for our children, work from home or even buying groceries using our mobile or internet connection at home.

Internet service providers like PTCL, Ufone, Zong, Telenor & Jazz have a key role in making Pakistan truly digital.

Telecom services enable online businesses, entrepreneurs, online education, e-government and generally supports the economic and social uplift of the people in any country.

It is need of the hour that internet and broadband service providers should be given a business conducive environment to flourish by government of Pakistan. This will surely help PM’s vision to achieve a digital Pakistan

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