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Nomophobia or no mobile phonephobia

There are many people around us who are fond of using mobile all the time. Even those who are addictions from social media platform. There is a special type of phobia which is called nomo-phobia.

The term nomo-phobia or no mobile phone phobia is used to describe a psychological condition when people have a fear of being detached from mobile phone connectivity. This phobia is growing very fast in 20th century.

The burden of this problem is now increasing globally. Other mental disorders such as social phobia or social anxiety and panic disorder may also precipitate nomo-phobia symptoms.

It is very difficult to differentiate whether the patient becomes nomo-phobia dueto mobile addiction for existing anxiety disorder manifest as nomo-phobia symptoms.

We have to stay in the real world more than virtual world. We have to re-establish the human-human interaction, face to face connection.

So, we need to limit our use of mobile phone rather than banning it because we cannot escape the force of technological advancement.

Ceasefire, cordon of Palestinians

History is proving crystal-clear that why Hitler crushed Jews and left few as proof of nimak-harmi (disloyal) and inhuman.

Israel’s national anthem, prefers success “through-terrorism” (!). Though the US, France, Cuba and Canada refused to give Jews refuge, it were the Palestinian-Muslims who sheltered them.

O’ now, they are claiming as owners of this pure-land (!) Recently, they burst on Muslim-worshippers in Masjid Al Aqsa.

Even then, UN (except a few) and Ummah’s leadership is commemorating ceasefire between terrorist (Israel) and un-armed Palestinians after cordoning them certainly.

So, this scribe would like to ask (a few) questions to peace-lover/s: what crime/terrorism didn’t (do) with Muslims of Palestine/Kashmir by Israel/India; ceasefire is solution to stop ferocity of terrorism or, exert more atrocity; ceasefire will give back 3000 homes of Palestinian’s destroyed; will ceasefire return back the beloved crushed by terrorist armies. Definitely “No”. So; war was/is better – because, media is also controlled by Jews.

Then, why Muslim leadership and the peace-seeking world is praising the terrorist-Israel on cease-fire only; why not sanctions placed on ferocious Israel which had started war while Muslims were praying; UNO, UNSC, ICJ, UNHRC have still not awakened from deep-slumber despite the ruthlessness of Israel against bare hand/foot Muslim-civilians (?).

So, it’s confirmed (now) that all is going on with well-planned (plan) of these Organizations de facto.

Ceasefire does not mean destruction was/is stopped and death toll is paused; neither does it mean that all losses will recover nor will it mean that Palestinians are truly free (instead cordoned) for more atrocities – ‘O Allah (!!). And, this is also going on due to “non-presence of rep. of 1.8b Muslim in UN”. Logically/legally Muslim rep.

in UN is (must) on behalf of second-largest-religion on earth (!). All is going on by – well-planed-plot of hypocritical and deep-pocketed Jews in Palestine like Hindu-in-Kashmir.

Honestly writing, this is going on in presence of so-called “UN”. So, now, 99.99% people will (surely) understand about ceasefire/cordon of Palestinians.
Tatrinote, AK
Confusion over Covishield, Covaxin

The ever-changing recommended time interval between the first and the second dose of the Covishield vaccine has created a lot of confusion among people in India.

The revised time interval, however, is not applicable to Covaxin. India is currently using only these two vaccines for its inoculation programme.

The gap between the two doses of the Covishield vaccine has been increased for the fourth time in a row.

This practice will discourage people from getting vaccinated. Many people are still unsure about getting vaccinated.

The government of India needs to broadcast clear messages to people so that its vaccination programme remains unaffected.

It should also pay attention to the irresponsible statements made by government representatives. Only senior doctors should be allowed to educate people about the virus.

Mumbai, India

Highest fee
in private

I am a student of a private school. Though private schools provide education as well as facilities such as water etc.,

which aren’t available in government schools, yet at the same time, they charge a heavy fee which is not possible for a poor family to manage.

Resultantly, many people have to leave schooling, while some manage to continue their studies by working in garages and at other such places.

I would like to earnestly request the Education Minister of Balochistan to look into the matter and ask the private institutions to charge a moderate fee so that their own expenses are met and, at the same time, students belonging to the poor families are not forced to leave education only owing to their inability to meet the expenses of education.